How to Find Signatus in Lost Ark

Who is Signatus?

Signatus is one of 22 Field Bosses (also known as World Bosses) in Lost Ark. Signatus is a machine-type Boss with 63,855,000 HP (x23 health bars), which puts it under a Raid Boss category of Field Bosses in the game.

Signatus is Dr. Bergstorm’s final creation before he died. Signatus is a deadly war machine whose only goal is to destroy hostile targets according to the coding given to it by Dr. Bergstorm. Unfortunately, not even Dr. Bergstorm could control the destructive machine and the Arthetinean authorities have yet to decide what to do with it after Dr. Bergstorm’s death.

Where can you find Signatus in Lost Ark?

You can find Signatus in the Scraplands area in Arthetine which is the only area where Signatus spawns in the game. However, because Signatus is a Raid Boss, he only spawns at a specific location and at specific times in the game.

Like most Raid Bosses in Lost Ark, you can expect Signatus to spawn every hour from 11 AM – 5 AM on days when the boss is available in-game. Raid Bosses typically spawn every 2-3 days in Lost Ark. You can check the event Alarm menu for Signatus’ spawn schedules.

How to Defeat Signatus

Before you try to take on Signatus, make sure that you have achieved at least Item Level 380 on your character. Otherwise, the damage you deal to Signatus won’t register, and your participation in the Signatus Raid won’t count. (you won’t get any rewards)

With that out of the way, here are the moves you can expect from the deadly war machine.

Signatus uses a combination of traditional melee attacks and a slew of long-range area-of-effect moves to deal with its enemies. One of Signatus’ melee attacks is a 180-degree move where he moves from right to left while shooting fire from its arms. If you’re playing a melee class, move out of the way and wait for Signatus to stop shooting fire before you resume attacks at melee range.

Signatus will also use its guns to fire at enemies in front of it. The war machine will use a machine gun attack and a 180-degree buckshot to deal with enemies at close range.

The last melee move you should know about is a typical frontal dash indicated by a red beam. Simply move away from the red beam to avoid getting hit by Signatus’ dash attack.

With all the melee moves out of the way, let’s move on to the long-range area-of-effect attacks you can expect from Signatus.

The first area-of-effect move that you’ll see from Signatus is an electric field that will force you and other players out of striking range. You can simply wait for the electric field to disperse before you start attacking Signatus again.

Signatus will also use two variations of a 360 laser spin attack – a slow spinning one and a faster-spinning laser move. The affected area will glow red, giving you time to avoid getting hit by the move.

Signatus will occasionally fire lightning strikes and missile barrages targeted at any player in the area as well. These attacks will be highlighted on the ground to give you an idea of where the attacks will land.

Lastly, Signatus will throw oil around the area and ignite them. These pools will stay lit for a while, but just avoid them so you don’t take damage.

As with any Raid Battle in Lost Ark, your goal is to survive and provide consistent DPS for everyone in the Raid. If you’re playing a more supportive role, make sure you use all your buffs and shields whenever they’re off cooldown to help your teammates. If you’re a DPS class, do your best to stay alive so you can keep dishing out DPS to help take down Signatus.

Signatus Rewards

As with most Raid Bosses in Lost Ark, you can get a variety of loot for participating in the boss fight. Here are all the loot you can expect to get from Signatus:

  • Forbidden Elemental Earrings
  • Forbidden Elemental Ring
  • Forbidden Magic Earrings
  • Forbidden Magic Necklace
  • Forbidden Magic ring
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Uncommon)
  • Bleed
  • Signatus Card
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Epic Ability Stone
  • Guardian Stone Fragment
  • Star’s Breath
  • XP Card

The listed rewards above are possible rewards for defeating Signatus. Loot that drops from Field Bosses are random.


While Signatus might not have the most HP of the 22 Field Bosses in the game, he still carries an insane amount of HP. Depending on the other players partaking in the battle, the battle might take around 10-15 minutes. Just do your best to stay alive so you can keep dealing damage and contribute

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