How to Find Tarsila in Lost Ark

Where is Tarsila in Lost Ark?

You can find Tarsila in the Lake Eternity Region in Shushire. Tarsila is a World Boss with 46,440,000 HP, putting her in the Raid Boss category of World Bosses in Lost Ark.

Since Tarsila is a Raid boss, this means that she will only spawn in Lake Eternity at predetermined schedules. Check the Event Alarm menu to check Tarsila spawn times.

Raid Boss Tarsila will require Level 50 and a Recommended Item Level of at least 380. If you take her on while having less than Item Level 380 you will not earn rewards after the boss fight.

How often does Tarsila spawn?

Tarsila belongs to the Raid Boss category of World Bosses in Lost Ark, which means she will only respawn between 11 AM – 5 AM on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Based on past spawn times, however, you can expect to see Tarsila at Lake Eternity every hour between 11 AM – 5 AM on the days mentioned.

Tarsila is a more powerful type of World Boss, which means you will need help from other players to take her down. Her Raid Boss status makes it easy for you and other players to gather at her spawn location so you can team up and take her down together.

Tarsila Boss Rewards

Tarsila is a Tier 1 Raid Boss, which means you can expect to get Tier 1 gear from her as well. Below are the rewards you can expect to get from Tarsila.

  • Tarsilla Giant Heart (4th Giant’s Heart)
  • Forbidden Elemental Earrings
  • Forbidden Elemental Ring
  • Forbidden Magick Earrings
  • Forbidden Magick Necklace
  • Forbidden Magick Ring
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Uncommon)
  • Bleed
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Epic Ability Stone
  • Guardian Stone Fragment
  • Star’s Breath
  • Tarsila Card

How long does it take for World Bosses to respawn in Lost Ark?

World Bosses will have varying respawn times in Lost Ark but the respawn delay depends on a World Boss’ total HP. Bosses with below 10 million HP will respawn every 30 minutes after their last death. Meanwhile, Bosses with 10 to 20 million HP will respawn every two hours.

And then there are World Bosses with over 20 million HP, there are considered Raid bosses and have a predetermined respawn schedule. Typically, Raid bosses spawn hourly from 11 AM-5 AM every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.


Finding Tarsila in Lost Ark is easy as she only spawns in Lake Eternity in Shushire. You will also know when to head to the area to find her, as she only spawns at specific times every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday in-game.

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