How to Get the Asura Island Token

Where is Asura Island?

You can find Asura Island in the middle of the Tempest Sea East of Feiton. Asura Island is an Adventure Island, which means you can only enter the island at specific times of the day.

Check the Event Alarm Menu to learn the exact spawn times for Asura Island in Lost Ark.

Asura Island offers tons of exciting content, including a Co-op PvE and PvP Quest that you must complete to get the Asura Island Token. Aside from the Asura Island Token, you can also get decent Gold and Silver as well as two Mokoko Seeds on the island.

How to Get the Asura Island Token

You can get the Asura Island Token by completing Gangwoon’s Rematch Quest on the island.

To start Gangwoon’s Rematch Quest, you first need to obtain 100 Blood Shards and use that to purchase Challenge of Blood.

Challenge of Blood is then used to start the first quest on the island. You have to come back a few times to get the Challenge of Blood, as collecting 100 Blood Shards will take a few tries since you’ll have to compete against other players on the island to acquire the shards.

How to Get Blood Shards

Blood Shards are obtained by participating in Asura Island’s co-op PvE and PvP Quests. The PvE Quest starts 3 minutes after the first person enters the island and requires participants to kill 200 monsters on the island. Participants with the most kills will receive the most Blood Shards.

After the PvE Quest concludes, the PvP Quest will automatically start right after. Here you’ll need to get 600 points on the island before the timer ends to get Blood Shards. The top 4 players with the highest points will get the most Blood Shards. Participants will get 20 Blood Shards.

Asura Island Mokoko Seeds

Aside from the Asura Island Token, you can also get two Mokoko Seeds on Asura Island. Fortunately, you won’t need to do anything special to find the Mokoko Seeds, as these can be found out in the open on the island.


Getting the Asura Island Token will require a bit of grinding as you’ll need to get the required number of Blood Shards to start the island quest that rewards the Asura Island Soul. Participate in the PvE and PvP quests on the island, collect enough Blood Shards, and purchase the Challenge of Blood to get the Asura Island Soul in Lost Ark.

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