How to Get the Fantasm Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Fantasm Island?

You can find Fantasm Island in the Shadow Sea North of Elzowin’s Shade in the Rohendel Continent. You can only get to Fantasm Island after you unlock the ability to sail in Lost Ark.

The Island is available 24/7 but has a recommended Item Level of 600. You will find 2 Island Souls, 4 Mokoko Seeds, and a decent selection of Tier 1 honing materials on the island.

How to get the Fantasm Island Token

You can get the Fantasm Island Token by reaching Tier 2 in Una’s Daily named Poetry in Motion. You can only gain access to this Una’s Task after you complete the Fantasm Island main questline.

After completing the main quests on Fantasm Island, purchase an item called Latt’s Poetry Book from merchant Aiter in Prosperity Plaza Luterra Castle, then deliver the book to Sarsina on Fantasm Island.

You will need a total of 7 Latt’s Poetry Books to get to Tier 2 in Poetry in Motion. Unfortunately, this item will not stack in your inventory, which means you’ll need at least 7 slots in your inventory to carry all 7 books.

It is also recommended that you set a Bifrost for Fantasm Island so you can teleport to and from the island daily until you get to Tier 2 in the Una’s Daily.

Fantasm Island Rewards

Aside from two Island Souls and four Mokoko Seeds, you can also get the following rewards from completing the Fantasm Island main quest:

  • Stat Increase Potion
  • x39 Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • x19 Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • x31 Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest
  • x12 Splendid Shard Chest (M)
  • Epic Card Pack
  • Wisdom +2

Fantasm Island Mokoko Seeds

As mentioned above, you can also get four Mokoko Seeds on Fantasm Island. However, to collect all the Mokoko Seeds on the island, you will need the Sheet Music “Song of Resonance” to access a hidden area on the map.

Nevertheless, here are all four Mokoko Seeds locations in Fantasm Island:


Getting the Fantasm Island Token is fairly easy as you only really need to complete the Una’s Daily task Poetry in Motion until you reach Tier 2 in Una’s Daily Task. Remember to stock up on Latt’s Poetry Books at Luterra Castle and set a Bifrost at Fantasm Island so you don’t have to keep going back and forth between Luterra Castle and Fantasm Island

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