How to Find the Forest of Giants in Lost Ark


What is Forest of Giants?

Forest of Giants is a zone on the island of Tortoyk in Lost Ark. It is said to be a sacred forest where Giants originated and is also believed to be the literal torso of Tortoyk.

Like most zones in Lost Ark, the Forest of Giants features multiple areas that feature their own set of content such as field bosses, vistas, Hidden Stories, and a Dungeon. Notable places in the Forest of Giants include:

  • Path to Skyreach Steppe
  • Stonehearth
  • Cradle of Stone
  • Tortoyk’s Arm
  • Tortoyk’s Shoulder
  • Tortoyk’s Head
  • Tortoyk’s Heart (Dungeon)

Where is the Forest of Giants?

The Forest of Giants is a zone located in the northeastern part of the island of Tortoyk in Lost Ark. You can find Tortoyk in the Sea of Gienah, west of Anikka, south of Pleccia, southeast of Vern, or northeast of East Luterra.

Traveling to the Forest of Giants should be fairly easy. Dock your ship at Seaswept Woods, then travel on foot (or on the Ladybug Mount, if you have it) to Mokoko Village. Once you arrive at Mokoko Village, travel east to Sweetwater Forest, then west to Skyreach Steppe. Finally, travel north from Skyreach Steppe to arrive at the Forest of Giants at the northeastern end of the island.

Quests in the Forest of Giants

As you progress through content on Tortoyk, you will find yourself heading to the Forest of Giants to complete some quests. You will find five quests in the Forest of Giants, these are:

  • One Heart
  • Follow the Map
  • Weight of the Wounds
  • Time for Treatment
  • Tortoyk’s Heart (Dungeon)

The quest “Time for Treatment” is particularly important as completing this quest will get you the song “Heart’s Melody” – a song you will need in the quest “The Ark, the Giant, and the Woman”.

Where is the Hidden Story in the Forest of Giants?

You can find one Hidden Story in the Forest of Giants at the southwest end of the zone. The Hidden Story you’re looking for is called Road to Becoming a Naruni Expert #4 – the last of a 4-part Hidden Story Chain on Tortoyk.

Head to the southwest end of Forest of Giants then look for the spot overlooking Stonehearth near the waterfall and you should find Hidden Story #4 in the area.


You easily find the Forest of Giants on the island of Tortoyk in Lost Ark. Travelling to the Forest of Giants shouldn’t be too much of a problem as well, but will require you to pass through all the other zones on Tortoyk such as Seaswept Woods, Mokoko Village, Sweetwater Forest, and Skyreach Steep.

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