How to Get Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark

What is an Adept Craft Kit?

The Adept Craft Kit is an item used for crafting Adept-tier Trade Skill Tools in Lost Ark. Adept Trade Skill Tools are better than Novice and Apprentice Trade Skill Tools and can provide up to three of the following bonuses:

  • Gain Super Armor while Foraging/Mining/Logging/Fishing/Hunting/Excavating
  • Increased Gathering Speed
  • Increased Basic Reward Drop Rate
  • Increased Rare Material Drop Rate
  • Increased Chance for Special Rewards
  • Reduces the Chance of Tool Durability Loss
  • Reduced minigame difficulty (Fishing/Excavating only)
  • Increased minigame rewards (Fishing/Excavating only)

The bonuses you get on your Trade Skill Tool will be random, as Trade Skill Tool bonuses are determined when you acquire an Adept Trade Skill Tool or other ranks of Trade Skill Tool in Lost Ark.

How do you get an Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark?

One way you can get an Adept Craft Kit is by opening chests found in Secret Dungeons in Lost Ark. However, you can only find these Secret Dungeons by researching Treasure Maps and crafting them in your Stronghold.

Treasure Maps will reveal a Secret Dungeon, where a gold chest awaits at the end. The gold chest can drop an Adept Craft Kit, but the chances are random, so you might have to keep researching and crafting Treasure Maps until you finally get an Adept Craft kit.

Another way to get an Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark is by checking the Market for Adept Craft Kit listings and purchasing those for Gold.

How to Use Adept Craft Kit

To use the Adept Craft Kit, you first need to purchase your desired Crafting Recipe: Adept Tool from the Crafting Recipe Exchange NPC at your Stronghold. After purchasing the crafting Recipe, go to your inventory and right-click on the recipe you purchased to add the tool to your crafting workshop.

In the Crafting Workshop, select “Tools” and then scroll down to the Adept Trade Skill Tool you want to craft. You will need one Adept Craft Kit to craft one type of Adept Trade Skill Tool.

You cannot use the Adept Craft Kit by itself, as it is simply a material for crafting Adept Trade Skill Tools for Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating.

Can you craft gear in Lost Ark?

Yes, you can Craft weapons, armor, and various other gear in Lost Ark. To craft gear, you will need Recipes, which you can get from Craftsmen NPCs around the game. You can also research various gear recipes from your Stronghold and craft them there as well.

You can also visit the Craft Abyss Equipment NPC in major cities in the game to get gear of various tiers for your character. To craft these, however, you need to acquire crafting items such as Knight’s Oath or Elemental’s Fury.


You will need multiple Adept Craft Kits to get all the Adept-tier Trade Skill Tools in Lost Ark. Fortunately, there is more than one way to get this valuable crafting material in-game. You can craft Treasure Maps, clear the Secret Dungeon it reveals, and open a gold chest that can drop an Adept Craft Kit, or you can buy one from the Auction House using Gold.

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