How to Get Expert Craft Kit in Lost Ark

What are Expert Craft Kits?

Expert Craft Kit or Expert Tool Craft Kit is an item used to craft Expert Trade Skill Tools in Lost Ark. Expert Trade Skill Tools are higher-tier Trade Skill Tools that can unlock four of the following bonuses:

  • Gain Super Armor while Foraging/Mining/Logging/Fishing/Hunting/Excavating
  • Increased Gathering Speed
  • Increased Basic Reward Drop Rate
  • Increased Rare Material Drop Rate
  • Increased Chance for Special Rewards
  • Reduces the Chance of Tool Durability Loss
  • Reduced minigame difficulty (Fishing/Excavating only)
  • Increased minigame rewards (Fishing/Excavating only)

All Trade Skills can have ‘Expert’-tier Tools. For example, you can have an Expert Excavating Tool, Expert Fishing Tool, or Expert Foraging Tool. The same is true for Hunting, Logging, and Mining Trade Skills.

How to Get Expert Craft Kits

There are two ways to get Expert Craft Kits in Lost Ark. The fastest method is to check the Market for Expert Craft Kit listings and purchase the kit using Gold.

The second method, crafting Treasure Map Chests via your Stronghold, will require more time but will end up costing relatively less than buying Expert Craft Kits from the Market.

If you opt for the Treasure Map route, you will have to go to your Stronghold, research Treasure Map Chests, and then craft the Treasure Map Chest. You can research and craft Treasure Map Chests for various zones but try to pick areas that fit your character’s current gear score, or you won’t be able to access those areas later on.

Expert Craft Kits can be acquired by completing the Secret Dungeon that the Treasure Map Chest reveals. There should be a gold treasure chest at the end of the dungeon which has a chance of dropping Expert Craft Kits as a reward.

Where do you get the Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark?

Similar to the Expert Craft Kit, you can get the Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark via the Auction House or by crafting Treasure Map Chests from your Stronghold.

The Treasure Map Chest you craft from your Stronghold will reveal a Secret Dungeon where you will find a gold chest that can drop an Adept Craft Kit. Keep in mind that the Craft Kit you get from the gold chests from Secret Dungeons is random, which means you will have to craft lots of Treasure Map Chests to increase your chances of getting the Craft Kit you’re looking for.

Is Crafting Good in Lost Ark?

Crafting is an important gameplay mechanic in Lost Ark, as it allows you to make valuable consumables and items using very little Gold. Here are the types of items you can Craft in Lost Ark:

  • Weapons (Advent of Betrayal Greatsword, Nightmare Resonance Greatsword, Screaming Hallucination Greatsword, etc.)
  • Armor
  • Accessories
  • Battle Items (Awakening Potion, HP Potion Selection Chest, HP Potion, etc.)
  • Food (Age-old Encavian Wine, Balankar Ranger’s Salad, Bear Gallbladder Skewer, etc.)
  • Trade Skill Tools (Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master Trade Skill Tools)
  • Stronghold Items (Structures: Awning, Bar Table, Firework Device, etc.)
  • Chest Items (Chest Items: Treasure Map Chests)


You will need Expert Craft Kits to craft Expert-tier Trade Skill Tools in Lost Ark. Fortunately, Expert Craft Kits are fairly easy to acquire, as you can purchase them directly from the Auction House with Gold or get them from Secret Dungeons. Collect six Expert Craft Kits to upgrade all six of your Trade Skill Tools in Lost Ark.

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