How to Get the Hope Island Soul in Lost Ark

How do you get to Hope Island in Lost Ark?

Hope Island is one of hundreds of islands you can visit after you acquire your first ship in Lost Ark. You can find Hope Island in the Asharte Ocean, East of Rohendel and West of Vern.

You can find Hope Island faster by using the World Map search function. Type in Hope Island in the text box in the upper right corner of the World Map, and the map should automatically focus on Hope Island’s exact location. After which, press ALT + Left Mouse Button, then click on the Hope Island icon to set an Auto Route for Hope Island.

While you can visit most islands anytime in Lost Ark, you must unlock Hope Island first before you are allowed to enter the island in-game.

How to Get the Hope Island Soul?

The Hope Island Soul is a reward for completing a Quest called In Memoriam. In Memoriam is the final Quest in Hope Island’s 4-Quest Chain, which starts with Quest Giver Dadiloo and ends with Neth on Hope Island.

Before you can visit Hope Island, however, you first need to complete Rapport Quests on Goblin Island. After completing the Rapport Quests with Gobious XXIV on Goblin Island, head back to Hope Island, then talk to Dadiloo to start the island quest chain.

Where is Neth in Lost Ark?

You can find Neth on Hope Island in Lost Ark. Neth is a goblin quest giver and an NPC that you can Rapport with in-game.

After you complete the Quest Chain on Hope Island, you will unlock the ability to Rapport with Neth. You will need 30 Charisma and 20 Kindness to Rapport with Neth. To reach a Trusted Rapport with him, however, you need to amass a total of 18,000 Rapport Points.

Are Islands Daily in Lost Ark?

While you can visit many islands anytime you like, there are other islands in the game called Adventure Islands that are only available on specific dates and times, as seen in Procyon’s Compass. On the other hand, there are also islands that you need to unlock by completing a few prerequisites, such as Hope Island.

You can check an island’s Admission Period by opening the World Map and hovering your mouse cursor on any island icon.

If the island Admission Period says “Always,” you can visit the island anytime in-game. As mentioned previously, however, some islands will have scheduled Admission Periods, which you can check using the same method.


The only challenging part about getting the Hope Island Soul is the time required to reach a certain Rapport level with Gobious XXIV, which will unlock Hope Island and allow you to complete the quests there.

Getting the Hope Island Soul is certainly time-consuming but it is also straightforward. Complete Rapport with Gobious XXIV on Goblin Island and complete the Hope Island Quest Chain to get the Hope Island Soul.

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