How to Get the Drumbeat Island Soul in Lost Ark

Where is Drumbeat Island?

Drumbeat Island is in the East Vern Sea, West of Vern and Northeast of Port Krona. Drumbeat Island is an Adventure Island, which means you only visit the island when it is available in-game. You can check Procyon’s Compass for Drumbeat Island’s admission schedule.

According to the island’s in-game description, Drumbeat Island is an island where a huge piece of rice cake dough fell from the sky. It is crowded with people eager to see the dough for themselves.

How to Get the Drumbeat Island Soul

You can get the Dumbeat Island Soul by killing random slimes while the co-op quest on the island is active.

Unfortunately, the Drumbeat Island Soul is an RNG drop, so participating in the island co-op quest and killing many slimes does not guarantee you’ll get the Island Soul the first time.

Adding to the difficulty of getting the Drumbeat Island Soul is Drumbeat Island’s limited spawn schedule. You cannot visit the island when it is not active, which means you’ll have to wait until the island shows up before you can participate in the co-op quest on the island.

Drumbeat Island Quests and Rewards

Aside from the Drumbeat Island Soul, there are not many quests, loot, or other events on Drumbeat Island. With that said, here are the rewards you can expect to get from Drumbeat Island.

  1. Pirate Coin x10,000
  2. Gienah’s Coin x1,000
  3. High Seas Coin Chest x1
  4. Providence Stone
  5. Drumbeat Island Soul
  6. Investigation Rabbit Foot Hammer
  7. Silver

Unfortunately, there are no Mokoko Seeds on Drumbeat Island.

Are islands important in Lost Ark?

Islands are very important in Lost Ark. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself exploring one island to another after you unlock your first ship.

Even though some islands, such as Drumbeat Island, offer very little in terms of quests, there are many other islands with a more intricate set of objectives that are linked to Lost Ark’s main storyline. By completing quests on these islands, you can get valuable loot that you can use to upgrade your character’s gear in Lost Ark.


Getting the Drumbeat Island Soul is fairly easy and only requires you to participate in the co-op event on the island. Unfortunately, it can take a while before you finally get the Drumbeat Island Soul, as it is an RNG drop from killing the slimes that spawn in the co-op event. You might have to come back a later time if the Drumbeat Island Soul doesn’t drop for you the first few times.

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