How to Get the Return Trip Quest in Lost Ark

What is the Return Trip Quest?

The Return Trip Quest is an “Another Story” quest in Lost Ark that belongs to the Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome.

The Return Trip Quests will ask you to “help the Flamekeeper Gherdia to contain the Magick Eruption and repair the damage.” By completing this quest, you can unlock a new Rapport NPC named Lenora and add progress to your Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome. You will also get quest-specific rewards for completing the Return Trip Quest.

How to Complete the Return Trip Quest in Lost Ark

To get the Return Trip Quest in Lost Ark, you must complete an extensive set of prerequisites.

Complete the Rohendel Storyline

The first requirement is to complete the Rohendel Main Storyline and acquire Ark number four. After you complete the Phantom Palace Dungeon, talk to Queen Azena to complete the Rohendel questline.

Collect Five Hidden Magical Books

After completing Ratik in Rohendel, you must collect a set of books to receive a quest called Tower of Thanks. You need to find five books, namely:

  • A Strange and Magical Book
  • The Book of Time
  • The Magick Grimoire
  • The Grimoire In The Fire
  • The Book of Harmony

You can find all the books listed above within Rohendel. You also have the option of collecting each book in any order. Here’s where to find each one.

To find A Strange and Magical Book, head to Bambiri Settlement in Lake Shiverwave. Go to the room near the southern part of the Bambiri Settlement Triport and interact with the bookshelf inside the room. After reading the book, head outside and look for NPCs Elmaro and Senya. These two NPCs will lead you to another NPC in Sylvain Residence named Zenadar, who will ask you to find more books.

The Book of Time can be found in Elzowin’s Shade. Head to the southernmost dock and look for some barrels where you will find a book you can interact with. You must read this book two times – once after you pick it up and a second time at the Phantom Palace Entrance. Read the book there to complete the quest.

You can get the third book, The Magick Grimoire, in Breezesome Brae after defeating Frenzied Magic Contructs in the area. These monsters will randomly drop an item called Soft Construct Fragment, which you can then use to start a quest called Magick Grimoire.

After which, you must talk to Fairly Parfi in Fairly Village who will then ask you to collect “powder from revived flowers”. Take the powder to Mage Mafeer in Breezesome Village to complete the Quest.

You can find the fourth book, Grimoire in the Fire, in a burning field in Breezome Brae. Read the book then take it to Mage Mafeer in Breezome Village to complete the quest.

The final book is The Book of Harmony, which you can find in Xeneela Ruins in Bambiri Village. Look for an NPC next to Bambiri Chief Batum and you should find a book next to him. Take the book then talk to Chief Batum, who will then ask you to go to Moonkeep and talk to Gabius.

After you have collected all five magical books, travel back to Rothun and talk to Aberuth.

Complete the Repair the Seal Site Una’s Task

Another prerequisite to the Return Trip quest is Una’s Task called Repairing the Seal Site. Repair the Seal Site involves defeating three types of Magick Constructs in the Destroyed Sylvain Settlement area in Lake Shiverwave. You need to complete this Una’s Task seven times to receive the Return Trip Quest in Lost Ark.

It is also worth noting that you must complete the Ratik Quest before you can start the Repairing the Seal Site Una’s Task. You can find this Una’s Task in the Una’s Task menu by pressing ALT + J or by clicking on the Adventure button in the bottom right corner of the in-game HUD.

Return Trip Quest

After you meet all the prerequisites above, Gherdia will give you the Return Trip Quest, where you must kill the Phantom Legion Queen and secure a weapon called the Encroached King’s Sword.

You can find the Phantom Legion Queen in the dungeon in Elzowin’s Shade. Enter the dungeon in Normal mode to speed up this part of the quest. After you defeat the Phantom Legion Queen and secure the Encroached King’s Sword, bring the sword to Gherdia, who will create medicine for Aven.

The final part of the quest involves taking the medicine to Aven and then talking to Turan and Aven.

Return Trip Quest Rewards

  • 3x Courage
  • 12,330 XP
  • 1,508 Roster XP
  • 1x Skill Point Potion
  • 10x Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound)
  • 50x Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound)
  • 437x Silver
  • 263x Harmony Shard

Where is Lenora in Lost Ark?

You can find Lenora in the East Stardust Forest Triport in Elzowin’s Shade in Lost Ark. Lenora is a Sylvain known as the Dream Walker. She is coldhearted and imperious but possesses an incredible knowledge of magick.

Rapport with Lenora is possible after you have completed the Return Trip quest. You will need 30 Charisma and 40 Courage to Rapport with her. To gain Trusted Rapport with Lenora, however, you need to amass a total of 28,000 Rapport Points.


The Return Trip Quest is a complicated quest that requires you to complete a chain of prerequisites upon prerequisites. Nevertheless, you will need to complete this quest if you’re looking to max out your Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome and get the Ignea Token from it.

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