How to Get Creation Fragments in Lost Ark

What is a Creation Fragment for?

Creation Fragment is an Epic Tier item that provides 3,000 Card XP upon use. Card XP is used to fill up a Card’s XP gauge which, when maxed out, can then be Awakened by using a duplicate Card. Awakened Cards provide more powerful stat bonuses to your character in Lost Ark.

Creation Fragments bind to your roster upon pickup and are untradeable and cannot be dismantled. You can sell this item for 1 Silver at most merchant NPCs.

Cards are a valuable endgame resource that provides a significant stat boost to your character in Lost Ark.

Where to find Creation Fragments?

You can get Creation Fragments from multiple sources in Lost Ark. Below are guaranteed sources for Creation Fragments in-game:

  • Reward from Treasure Map runs
  • Open Seas (Ghost Ship)
  • Rapport Reward from Thunder in Saland Hill
  • Chaos Dungeon
  • Cube
  • A guaranteed drop at floors 46-49 in Shadespire and Fatespire Tower.

You can then use the Creation Fragment by right-clicking on the item in your inventory to add 3,000 XP to your Card XP Enhancement Points slider in the Card Enhancement menu. You can use the XP that Creation Fragments provides to increase a card’s XP progression.

What is Card XP for?

Card XP is used to increase a Card’s level in Lost Ark, where a higher Card level means better stat bonuses for your character.

Items such as the Creation Fragment, Eternity Essence, and Soul Leaf can be consumed to increase your usable Card XP in the Card Enhancement menu, where you can drag a slider to give the Cards of your choice more XP. Cards level up or Awaken after a certain threshold is reached and will provide even more powerful buffs.

Are Creation Fragments worth it?

Creation Fragments are worth farming in Lost Ark, as these provide a decent amount of Card XP (3,000 XP) that you can use to Enhance a Card of your choice.

After a certain Card XP is reached, you can then opt to Awaken the card to the next level to get stronger bonuses from the Card. You can distribute Card XP any way you like in Lost Ark by selecting a card and dragging the slider in the Card Enhancement menu.


Creation Fragments are a great source of Card XP in Lost Ark. This Epic item provides one of the highest Card XP bonuses in the game at 3,000 XP a pop, making it a valuable item for Enhancing Cards as quickly as possible in-game.

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