How to Get Estoque Blueprints in Lost Ark

How do you get Estoque Blueprints in Lost Ark?

You can get Estoque Blueprints from the Wavestrand Port in East Luterra. Look for the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel to get Estoque Blueprints and the Tea and Libra Guild to get the Wood upgrade materials.

Some chests can also contain random Ship Blueprints. You might get Estoque Blueprints from opening these chests if you’re lucky enough.

You won’t need many Estoque Blueprints to upgrade your Estoque – Estoque Blueprints are only required at Ship Levels 3,4, and 5. Beyond Ship Level 5, Estoque Blueprints are replaced with Bilbrin Timber, Grayhammer Iron Ingot, Wavestrand Sailcloth, and Eagle Helm Fragments.

What materials do you need to upgrade the Estoque?

You will need 30 Basic Timber, 10 Estoque Blueprints, 7 Uncommon Ship Parts Materials, and Normal Ship Parts Materials to upgrade the Estoque through Ship Levels 2-5. After Level 2, the materials you need to upgrade to the next level will vary.

Below is a detailed list of materials you will need to upgrade the Estoque for every level after Ship Level 2:

  • Level 3 – x30 Basic Timber, x10 Estoque Blueprints, x7 Uncommon Ship Parts Material, x25 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 4 – x50 Basic Timber, x20 Estoque Blueprints, x7 Uncommon Ship Parts Material, x25 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 5 – x70 Basic Timber, x30 Estoque Blueprints, x20 Uncommon Ship Parts Material, x70 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 6 – x90 Uncommon Timber, x50 Bilbrin Timber, x29 Uncommon Ship Parts Material, x102 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 7 – x100 Uncommon Timber, x62 Bilbrin Timber, x41 Uncommon Ship Parts Material, x137 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 8 – x110 Steel Plate, x74 Grayhammer Iron Ingot, x25 Rare Ship Parts Material, x172 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 9 – x120 Steel Plate, x96 Grayhammer Iron Ingot, x31 Rare Ship Parts Material, x214 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 10 – x130 Special Steel Plate, x128 Wavestrand Sailcloth, x38 Rare Ship Parts Material, x263 Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Level 11- x163 Essence of the Ocean, x161 Eagle Helm Fragment, x48 Epic Ship Parts Material, x329 Normal Ship Parts Material

To upgrade the Estoque to max level, you will spend 444,750 Pirate Coins, 1,500 Gienah’s Coins, 2,800 Sceptrum’s Coins, 4,250 Arcturus’ Coins, and 4,025 Sun Coins.

Is Estoque a Good Ship?

Estoque is a very good ship that has a balanced resistance to every sea condition in Lost Ark and has a decent base sailing speed and durability of 20 and 3,500, respectively. At max level, the Estoque will sail at a base speed of 23.8 knots and feature a durability rating of 6,560.

The Estoque’s well-rounded stats make it a great ship for all types of sea exploration in Lost Ark. Many players will stick with the Estoque for the rest of their Lost Ark career.

What is the best ship in Lost Ark?

The Estoque is widely considered the best ship in Lost Ark due to its all-around performance. The Estoque’s respectable sail speed and resistance to all types of sea conditions make it a reliable no-frills ship that will get the job done in Lost Ark.

With that said, the Astray is probably the most sought-after ship in Lost Ark. It does not have the all-around resistance of the Estoque but it has a game-best base sailing speed of 26.6 knots at Level 11.


Estoque Blueprints are essential materials in upgrading your Estoque ship in Lost Ark. These blueprints are not too difficult to find since you can buy them from specific merchants in the game and you only need 60 Estoque Blueprints to upgrade your Estoque through Ship Levels 3-5.

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