How to Get Portal Stones in Lost Ark

What are Portal Stones?

Portal Stones are Rare collectible items that are part of the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark. Portal Stones do not provide any stat bonuses or effects to your character, but they are essential in completing your Adventurer’s Tome.

You need to collect 4 Portal Stones to complete the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome. However, you can only get Portal Stones randomly as drops for killing enemies in the Rethramis region, making it a tedious process.

How do Portal Stones work?

Portal Stones are collectibles in Lost Ark and do not provide any tangible benefits to your character upon use.

If you have Portal Stones in your inventory, you can right-click on these items to add them to your Adventurer’s Tome. However, you will need 4 Portal Stones to check off the collectible from the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome.

How to get Portal Stones in Lost Ark?

You can get Portal Stones as item drops from killing enemies in the Rethramis region. Portal Stones do not drop at specific times or at specific locations in Rethramis.

With that said, you might want to try and farm Portal Stones at Loghill, Ankumo Mountain, Rethramis Border, Aquilok’s Head, and Aquilok’s Tail. These locations are dense with enemies and should help give you a better chance at acquiring Portal Stones faster.

Alternatively, you can just purchase Portal Stones from the Auction House.

Where is the best place to farm collectibles in Rethramis?

The Toxiclaw Cavern is one of the better places to farm collectibles in Rethramis. Not only is Toxiclaw Cavern densely populated with enemies, but you can also clear the dungeon in less than five minutes per run if you skip the boss.

Another great place to farm collectibles in Rethramis is the open area just outside the Aquilok’s Tail Dungeon entrance. There are multiple enemies here that you can round up and clear with your AoE skills. While waiting for the enemies to respawn, you can move down toward Wind Road and clear the enemies here as well. Rinse and repeat.


Finding Portal Stones in Rethramis can be tricky, as these collectible items drop randomly from killing random enemies in the region. The fastest way to get Portal Stones is by heading to a densely populated area and killing groups of enemies repeatedly until they finally drop the 4 Portal Stones you’re looking for.

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