How to Get the Taunt Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Taunt Emote?

The Taunt Emote is 1 of 32 character animations that you can acquire in Lost Ark. The Taunt Emote will let your character display a “come on” hand gesture where they hold their hand out and curl their four fingers towards them, implying a sort of challenge to other players.

Like most Emotes in the game, the Taunt Emote is Unsellable, Indestructible, and cannot be dismantled. You can also set the Taunt Emote as your MVP pose when selected as the MVP in various in-game content.

Where to get the Taunt Emote?

You can get the Taunt Emote from Blackfang in Freedom Isle. Freedom Isle is located between Tempest Seas and Annika on the world map. Set sail for Freedom Isle and head to Blackfang’s Den to find Blackfang.

Unlike other Taunts that can only be unlocked through Quests and Una’s Daily Tasks, you can easily acquire the Taunt Emote by purchasing the Emote from Blackfang for 3,360 Gienah’s Coins.

Most Emotes are available as soon as you create your character in Lost Ark. However, other Emotes such as the Taunt Emote can only be unlocked by purchasing them from a specific merchant in-game.

How much does the Taunt Emote cost?

The Taunt Emote costs 3,360 Gienah’s coins in Lost Ark. You can purchase the Taunt Emote from Blackfang in Freedom Isle as soon as you complete the “Set Sail!” Quest in East Luterra.

You can also get the Roar Emote, 8th Giant’s Heart, and the Honor Sail Glyph from Blackfang for 3,360, 2,745, and 2,745 Gienah’s Coins, respectively.

How to use the Taunt Emote?

After you purchase the Taunt Emote from Blackfang, you will find a Taunt Emote Book in your inventory. Right-click the item to learn the Taunt Emote and add it to your Emotes menu in Lost Ark.

You can access the Emote menu by clicking on the Community button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Left-click on the Emote option to bring up the Emote menu. You can also bring up the Emote menu by pressing “Y” on your keyboard.

Inside the Emote menu, simply scroll down and look for the Taunt Emote. To use the Taunt Emote, simply click on the Emote from the Emotes list. Alternatively, you can also just type “/taunt” in the chat box to use the Emote on the fly.

You can also set the Taunt Emote as your MVP pose from the Emotes menu.


The Taunt Emote is fairly easy to acquire in Lost Ark, as you only need to have 3,360 Gienah’s coins to purchase the Taunt Emote Book from Blackfang in Freedom Isle.

The Taunt Emote is one of a handful of provocative Emotes in Lost Ark that you can use to assert your dominance against your enemies in PvP. If you like rubbing your wins on your enemies’ faces or simply want to show off your competitive side in-game, then set the Taunt Emote as your MVP pose.

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