How to Unlock Ether Predator in Lost Ark

What does the Ether Predator do?

The Ether Predator (also known as Ether Enhancement or Enhanced Ether) is a Combat Engraving that you can equip on your character in Lost Ark to get powerful buffs and bonus effects.

Ether Predator will cause an Ether orb to spawn every time your character attacks an enemy. Each ether you pick up provides +0.2%/0.3%/0.5% bonus Attack Power and +0.3%/0.6%/1% Defense that can stack up to 30 times. At max stacks, Ether Predator provides up to +6%/9%/15% Attack Power and 9%/18%/30% Defense buffs.

How to unlock the Ether Predator in Lost Ark

You can get the Ether Predator through Engraving Recipes from doing Chaos Dungeons and Cube activities in Lost Ark. The item you’re looking for is the Ether Predator Engraving Recipe and you’ll need 20 of Ether Predator Engraving Recipes to unlock the Ether Predator Engraving.

After you have unlocked the Ether Predator Engraving, you can now equip the Engraving through the Character Profile menu. Drag the Ether Predator Engraving icon to an empty slot in the bottom left corner of your character’s profile menu to equip the Ether Predator.

You can upgrade the Ether Predator Engraving up to three times. To do this, you will need the following

  • 20 Rare Ether Predator Engraving Recipes
  • 20 Epic Ether Predator Engraving Recipes (Level 2)
  • 20 Legendary Ether Predator Engraving Recipes (Level 3)

How to use the Ether Predator

After you have learned the Ether Predator Engraving, equip it by dragging the Ether Predator Engraving icon to the Engraving slots in your character’s profile menu. Once done, Ether Predator should be ready for use.

Ether Predator requires you to constantly attack an enemy to spawn an Ether orb. Collect the Ether orbs while fighting to gain Attack Power and Defense bonuses that stack up to 30 times.

It can take up to three minutes of constantly attacking an enemy to collect the maximum number of Ether Orbs required to get the full 15% Attack Power and 30% Defense buff, so make sure you keep attacking the enemy so you can keep collecting Ether orbs.

Is the Ether Predator a good Engraving?

The Ether Predator is a good Engraving that provides a decent Attack Power boost of up to 15% and a Defense buff of up to 30% (at max stacks)

However, the Ether Predator has a slight caveat – it requires players to pick up Ether instances that drop on the ground while fighting enemies. In addition, it can take up to 3 minutes before Ether Predator gives out its total Attack Power and Defense buffs, as you need to collect 30 Ether orbs to get the total bonus.


Ether Predator is a good Engraving to have if you’re looking to get a decent Attack Power and Defense buff for your character in Lost Ark.

The Ether Predator should work very well in endgame content where you’re guaranteed to find yourself fighting for at least 3 minutes, as this is the minimum time you need to get the maximum bonus from the Engraving.

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