How to Unlock the Adrenaline Engraving in Lost Ark

What does Adrenaline do?

Adrenaline is a Combat Engraving that provides a stacking Attack Power bonus and an additional Critical Hit Rate when using skills other than mobile and basic attacks.

Adrenaline boosts Attack Power by 1% for 6 seconds at Level 3. The Attack Power buff can stack up to 6 times for a total of 6% Attack Power buff at Level 3. At max stacks, Adrenaline also provides an additional +5% Crit Rate.

Adrenaline can be used by all classes in Lost Ark and can be upgraded three more times to enhance Attack Power and Critical Hit Rate bonus even further.

Is Adrenaline a Good Engraving in Lost Ark?

Adrenaline is a good Engraving that boosts overall DPS in Lost Ark due to the stacking Attack Power bonus it provides and the extra Crit Rate buff you gain from the Engraving at max stacks.

Classes that have low cooldown skills such as the Striker, Soulfist, Deathblade, and Artillerist can benefit from Adrenaline. These classes should have no problems collecting the 6 stacks required to gain max Attack Power and bonus Crit Rate from Adrenaline thanks to their shot skill cooldowns.

How to Unlock Adrenaline

You can unlock Adrenaline by collecting Engraving Points from Accessories such as Earrings, Rings, or Amulets, or you can use the Adrenaline Engraving Recipe to unlock the Engraving.

If you opt to use the Adrenaline Engraving Recipe to unlock Adrenaline, you will need x20 Ucommon Adrenaline Engraving Recipe to unlock the Engraving initially. After you unlock Adrenaline, you will need the following Engraving Recipes to upgrade the Engraving:

  • Level 2 Adrenaline – x20 Adrenaline Engraving Recipe (Rare)
  • Level 3 Adrenaline – x20 Adrenaline Engraving Recipe (Epic)
  • Level 4 Adrenaline – x20 Adrenaline Engraving Recipe (Legendary)

Alternatively, you can use Ability Stones to gain Engraving Points, which you can then use to unlock Adrenaline.

  • Rare Ability Stone – +6 Engraving Points
  • Epic Ability Stone – +8 Engraving Points
  • Legendary Ability Stone +9 Engraving Points
  • Artifact Ability Stone – +10 Engraving Points

What is the most important Engraving in Lost Ark?

Grudge is one of the most popular Engravings in Lost Ark that provides a fairly high 20% raw damage bonus against Bosses and high-rank enemies, making it great for clearing PvE content. However, it is worth noting that Grudge causes the user to also take 20% damage from bosses and high-rank enemies as well.

Cursed Doll is another great Engraving in Lost Ark that provides up to 16% bonus damage at the cost of -25% healing from external sources (heals from Bard or Paladin) Personal healing is not affected by this effect, which means characters that can heal themselves will benefit greatly from this Engraving.


Adrenaline provides a decent damage buff to characters that can quickly gain stacks and keep those stacks active in Lost Ark.

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