How to Unlock the Hit Master Engraving in Lost Ark

What does the Hit Master do?

The Hit Master is a Combat Engraving in Lost Ark that provides damage bonuses for all other types of attacks except Back Attacks and Frontal Attacks. Hit Master does not apply the same buffs to Awakening Skills

Hit Master provides 3%/8%/16% bonus damage for attacks that are not Back Attacks or Frontal Attacks. You can upgrade Hit Master three more times to increase the bonus damage buffs it provides.

How to unlock the Hit Master Engraving

You can unlock the Hit Master Engraving by collecting enough Engraving Points. You can do this by collecting 20 Uncommon Hit Master Engraving Recipes, Accessories, or Ability Stones from doing Chaos Dungeons, Island Quests, and other endgame content.

After you unlock the Hit Master Engraving, you can equip the Engraving through the Character Profile menu in-game.

You can upgrade the Hit Master Engraving up to three times. To do this, you will need the following Engraving Recipes:

  • 20 Rare Hit Master Engraving Recipes (Level 2)
  • 20 Epic Hit Master Engraving Recipes (Level 3)
  • 20 Legendary Hit Master Engraving Recipes (Level 4)

Note that you’ll need to acquire Rare Engraving Recipes first before you can move up to the next Engraving Tier.

How to use the Hit Master Engraving

After you have unlocked the Hit Master Engraving, you can now equip the Engraving and reap its effects. Simply bring up the Engravings Menu by pressing Alt + I then drag the Hit Master Engraving icon to an empty Engraving slot in the bottom left corner of your Character Profile Menu.

Hit Master provides passive damage buffs, which means you need to satisfy the Engraving’s effect conditions before you can reap the damage buffs it provides. In this case, you’ll need to deal damage that is not Back Attacks or Frontal Attacks to get the bonus damage buffs.

What classes use Hit Master in Lost Ark?

The Artillerist, Sorceress, Sharpshooter, Gunslinger, Arcanist, and Shadowhunter are some classes that can use Hit Master in Lost Ark. These classes are not dependent on abilities that deal directional damage (Back Attacks or Frontal Attacks) and can benefit from the Hit Master’s bonus damage buff.

It is worth noting that Hit Master’s damage buff does not apply to Awakening Skills.


Hit Master is one of the better Engravings for classes that do not have abilities that deal damage through Back Attacks and Frontal Attacks, such as the Sorceress, Gunslinger, and Artillerist. Hit Master provides a sizeable damage buff that maxes out at 16% at the max level

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