Locations of All Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seeds

Where is the Blackrose Basement?

Blackrose Basement is a Dungeon that can be found in East Luterra northwest of Blackrose Chapel. You need to have at least Item Level 140 and have completed The Summoning of Madness quest to unlock this Dungeon. You can enter the Blackrose Basement in a party of 1-4 players.

Blackrose Basement is home to numerous Heretics and is the hiding spot for two bosses – the Heretic Inquisitor and Heretic High Priest, which you will have to beat to complete this Dungeon.

You can also find 8 Mokoko Seeds in Blackrose Basement and are guaranteed to get the following rewards for completing this Dungeon:

  • Cunning High Priest’s Head Armor
  • Cunning High Priest’s Gloves
  • Cunning High Priest’s Ring
  • (Hard Reward) Mayhem Fanatic Head Armor
  • (Hard Reward) Mayhem Fanatic Gloves
  • (Hard Reward) Mayhem Fanatic Ring

How do you open the gate in Blackrose Basement?

There are two gates in Blackrose Basement that can only be opened by killing the Heretics while sparing the Villagers.

To open the first gate, you need to kill the Heretics while making sure that none of the Villagers die. You can do this by pulling the Heretics away from the Villagers before killing them. To open the second gate, you need to find all the Heretics in the area and kill them without harming a single Villager in the process.

All Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seeds Locations

There are only 8 Mokoko Seeds in Blackrose Basement. Most of these Mokoko Seeds can be found in the open, while others are locked behind gates that can only be opened by completing a specific objective.

The first Mokoko Seed can be found after you defeat the Heretic Elders that the start of the dungeon. Look for a red chair next to the wall and just toward its left will be Mokoko Seed #1.

The second Mokoko Seed can be found in the northwestern part of the map next to some stacked books.

To get to the third Mokoko Seed, you need to save all the villagers from the Heretics to open the jail cell. Make sure you kill only the Heretics. If you accidentally kill any of the villagers, the jail cell will not open. Stand close to the Heretics to aggro them away from the villagers. The third Mokoko Seed can be found in the bottom left corner of the room.

The fourth and fifth Mokoko Seeds can be found in the same jail cell as the third Mokoko Seed. Head to the dead end toward the northernmost part of the room and next to some wooden planks will be Mokoko Seed 4 and 5.

To get Mokoko Seed 6 and 7, you need to defeat the Preacher first and all the Heretics in the dungeon.

Right after you kill the Preacher, head back to the steel gate and the gate should be open. If hasn’t opened, you must head back to previous sections of the dungeon and find any Heretics that you might have missed.

Kill all the Heretics and the steel gate should open. You should find Mokoko Seed 5 and 6 next to each other inside the cell.

The last Mokoko Seed can be found in the chapel where you fought against the Heretic Preacher. Right under the stone gargoyle in one of the rooms will be Mokoko Seed #8.

What are the hardest Mokoko Seeds to get in Lost Ark?

The most difficult Mokoko Seeds to get in Lost Ark are the ones found in Windbringer Hills. These two Mokoko Seeds are difficult to get because you can only open the secret room holding these Mokoko Seeds by using the Song of Resonance.

Using the Song of Resonance itself isn’t difficult, but acquiring the Sheet Music for it will require some time. Nevertheless, once you have enough Pirate Coins, you can simply head to The Ship Deck on Pleccia Island in the Sea of Gienah and purchase the Song of Resonance from Treasure Hunter Igran for 16,500 Pirate Coins.


Some of the Mokoko Seeds in Blackrose Basement will be impossible to collect if you go in head first without knowing the subtle gate mechanics around the Heretics and Villagers. Just make sure you do not harm any of the Villagers in the dungeon and kill only the Heretics and you can easily unlock all the gates and collect the Mokoko Seeds hidden within them.

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