What is the Reaper Class in Lost Ark?

What class is the Reaper in Lost Ark?

The Reaper Class is a melee DPS Assassin Class that features a similar gameplay style to the Shadowhunter and Deathblade in Lost Ark. The Reaper class is one of the newer classes in the game and was only added back in November 2022.

Like the Deathblade and Shadowhunter, the Reaper class possesses great mobility and the ability to unleash powerful combos through her Identity Skill.

How to use the Reaper Class

The Reaper Class’ Identity Skill gives you the ability to switch between two different modes – Persona Mode (Green Gauge) and Chaos Mode (Red Gauge).

Whenever your Green Gauge is filled, you can enter Persona Mode by pressing Z on your keyboard. This will cause Reaper to become invisible and untargetable. In Persona mode, the Reaper will spawn a controllable clone that automatically attacks enemies within its range and gain +30% movement speed and +25% damage on your next red skill. Persona mode is great for dealing burst damage.

Meanwhile, you can activate Chaos Mode automatically by simply filling up your Red Gauge. While in Chaos Mode, you will gain +15% Crit Rate and +10% Attack and Movement Speed for 8 seconds. You can use your Purple or Green Skills to reset the 8-second timer and prolong the duration of Chaos Mode. If you can keep Chaos Mode going, you will deal sustained burst damage.

Generally, you will want to stay behind your teammates when playing the Reaper class. Like all Assassin Classes, the Reaper is quite squishy and can only take so much damage before dying. With that said, the Reaper class’ exceptional mobility and ability to go invisible should help you keep incoming damage to a minimum.

Is Reaper a DPS class?

The Reaper class, like the Deathblade and Shadowhunter, is a DPS class that excels in dealing a ton of damage quickly to enemies in Lost Ark. The Reaper class’ Identity Skill gives you the flexibility of choosing the type of damage you deal to your enemies.

Persona Mode will give you extra damage on Red Skills while the mode is active and is a burst-damage-focused mode. On the other hand, Chaos Mode provides an 8-second buff where you gain a bonus Crit Rate, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed that you can continuously reset by using Purple or Green Skills, making it great for dealing sustained damage to enemies.

Reaper is a very flexible class that can work very well in PvE or PvP. Need extra Crit Rate, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed for PvP? Use Chaos Mode. Need to clear mobs fast? Use Persona Mode.

What is the best Engraving for the Reaper Class?

The Reaper Class can be built around Hunger or Lunar Voice Engravings, each providing a unique set of buffs and bonuses.

The Hunger Engraving provides bonus Chaos Meter regeneration and Attack Power when Chaos Meter is full. The Chaos Meter regen bonus is a steady +30% through Levels 1-3. Attack Power bonus starts at +12% at Level 1 and grows to +18% at Level 3, and +25% at Level 3.

Lunar Voice provides flat bonus damage of +120% when using Swoop Attacks in Persona Mode. At Level 1, Lunar Voice provides +120% bonus damage, which grows to +140% at Level 2, and maxes out at +160% at Level 3.


You’ll love the Reaper Class if you’re keen on playing an Assassin-type character but want a bit more flexibility in terms of how you deal damage to enemies. The Reaper’s Identity Skill will give you the option of cycling through damage output types while keeping the same highly-mobile combo-centric gameplay you’ve come to expect from an Assassin in Lost Ark.

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