How to Get Estoque Crew in Lost Ark

What is the Best Crew for the Estoque?

The best crew for the Estoque will add a nice balance of immunity across various Hazardous Waters. While you can get seven unique sailors for the Estoque, you only really need Cals, Pupuring, and Tasha to get a well-balanced Estoque.

Below is the best crew for the Estoque:

  • Cals (Legendary)
  • Cals (Epic)
  • Pupuring (Relic)
  • Pupuring (Epic)
  • Tasha (Rare)

At Level 10, the crew composition above will give the Estoque the following end stats:

  • Kelp Resistance – 0
  • Sand Resistance – 42
  • Siren Resistance – 24
  • Ice Resistance – 50
  • Tempest Seas Resistance – 55
  • Dead Seas Resistance – 64
  • Speed – 28.9

The crew composition is biased toward giving the Estoque the best chance of surviving Tempest Waters and Dead Waters. The only downside of this combination is the slightly lower sailing speed of 28.9 knots.

How to get Estoque Crew

Having Cals, Pupuring, and Tasha onboard your Estoque is very achievable in Lost Ark. These crew members can be bought from various merchants in-game.

You can purchase Cals (Legendary) from either the Punika Merchant Ship or the Yorn Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel. If you want to purchase Cal from the Punika Merchant Ship, you need to pay 80,000 Pirate Coins. Alternatively, you can purchase Cal from the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel for 4008 Arcturus Coins.

You can get Pupuring (Epic) on your Estoque after you purchase him from Keith on the Island of Mist. Pupuring will cost 1 Tears of the Abyss.

Lastly, you can get Tasha (Rare) from Yulia in Slime Island or from Laura in Atropos. Tasha will cost 6000 Slime Coins.

Who is the best sailor for the Estoque?

Cals is arguably the best sailor for the Estoque. He provides the highest sailing speed bonus at +1.7 Knots while also increasing the Estoque’s resistance to Tempest Seas, Cold Snap Seas, and Dead Waters.

With that said, you really need to get Cals (Legendary) and Cals (Epic) with Pupuring (Relic) and Pupuring (Epic) alongside Tasha (Rare) to get the most well-rounded Estoque crew.

Best Estoque Crew Members for Speed

The Estoque Crew composition we featured above is biased towards Tempest Waters and Dead Waters. However, if you’re looking for a crew composition that will give the Estoque the fastest sailing speed, then you’ll need the following crew members:

  • Pupuring (Relic)
  • Pupuring (Legendary)
  • Cals (Relic)
  • Cals (Legendary)
  • Cals (Epic)

The Estoque Crew composition listed above gives the best top speed at 31.3 knots versus the 28.9 knots sailing speed of the well-rounded Estoque Crew composition we have featured above. Use this crew composition to get the best speed out of your Estoque.


Picking the best crew members for your Estoque will go a long way in ensuring your Estoque survives the most dangerous water types in Tempest Waters and Dead Waters, while still providing a decent sailing speed.

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