How to Get Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark

What is Harmony Leapstone for?

Harmony Leapstone is an Honing Material used to upgrade gear in Lost Ark. Harmony Leapstone is a Tier 2 Honing Material that you can use to upgrade your character’s Gear to Tier 2 or between 802-1100 Item Level.

As you explore Lost Ark content after Level 50, you will find more content that requires a higher Item Level. You will need Harmony Leapstones to upgrade your character’s items and increase their item level so you can participate in more challenging content in the game.

Where to find Harmony Leapstones

There are plenty of sources for Harmony Leapstones before Tier 2, which makes a ton of sense since Harmony Leapstones are primarily used to hone Tier 1 gear and eventually turn them into Tier 2 gear.

You will need as many Harmony Leapstones as you can get so you can keep upgrading your character’s items and reach Tier 2 in Lost Ark. Below is a list of all the events and locations you can participate in to get Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark.

  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Guardian Raids
  • Island Quests
  • Auction House
  • Mari’s Secret Shop
  • Daily and weekly Una’s Tasks
  • Quests after Vern Castle
  • Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange
  • Welcome Challenges
  • Events

Chaos Dungeons is one of the most reliable sources for Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark. You can participate in Chaos Dungeons daily and receive Harmony Leapstones as a reward up to twice daily.

Aside from Harmony Leapstones, you also have a chance of getting Dungeon Shards and Crystals, which you can then use to exchange for Harmony Leapstones at the Chaos Dungeon Exchange NPC.

Guardian Raids are also a great source of Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark. Harmony Leapstones are a guaranteed drop from any Tier 1 Guardian Raid and you can run these raids twice daily to get a good amount of Harmony Leapstones.

When you reach Level 50 in Lost Ark, you will start to explore other locations in the World Map, and some of the most common areas you’ll likely want to explore are the numerous islands found in the game.

Most islands in Lost Ark will have a collection of quests that you can complete to get various rewards – Harmony Leapstones included. However, unlike Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids, you can only get Harmony Leapstone rewards once for every quest that you complete, making it a less reliable source of the honing material in-game.

It is also worth checking the Auction House and Mari’s Secret Shop for Harmony Leapstone listings. Unfortunately, you will have to spend some Gold to get Harmony Leapstones from the Auction House, and since Harmony Leapstones are a highly sought-after honing material in Lost Ark, expect Harmony Leapstones in the Auction House to cost an arm and a leg

Harmony Leapstone prices at Mari’s Secret Shop are priced more sensibly, but you need to spend Blue Crystals to purchase them, making them a less viable option compared to running Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, or Island Quests.

The good news is that you can get Harmony Leapstones for free by completing select Una’s Tasks. Una’s Tasks like Ride Like the Wind, Bleak Night Fog, She Drifts, and Sea Gifts, to name a few, are relatively simple Una’s Tasks that you can complete to get Harmony Leapstones.

If you’ve completed the main storyline in Vern Castle, you can expect to start getting Harmony Leapstones as quest rewards for future quests. Not all quests will give out Harmony Leapstones, but you’re going to want to complete future quests anyway to progress in Lost Ark’s storyline.

Two of the last sources for Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark include the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange NPC and Welcome Challenges.

If you have collected a decent amount of Sylmael Bloodstone from completing guild activities then you’ll want to check out the Bloodstone Exchange NPC and exchange those for Harmony Leapstones.

If you haven’t done any Welcome Challenges in Lost Ark, it might be worth doing those now if you’re looking to get more Harmony Leapstones. Some Welcome Challenges give out Harmony Leapstones as rewards, so check the Welcome Challenges window by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner.

How to Use Harmony Leapstones

You can use Harmony Leapstones at the Gear Honing NPC in major cities in Lost Ark. Look for the small hammer icon in the map to find the Gear Honing NPC in-game.

Talk to the Gear Honing NPC to access the Gear Honing menu, which lists down all the Gear you can hone or upgrade. As mentioned previously, Harmony Leapstones are used to Hone and upgrade Tier 1 Gear in Lost Ark. If you have Tier 2 Gear or better, you will not be able to use Harmony Leapstones to Hone your gear.

Click on the Gear you want to upgrade, then click on the Gear Honing button in the bottom part of the menu. Keep in mind that you can only hone gear after you upgrade it to its maximum limit.

What to do with leftover gear in Lost Ark?

You generally want to get rid of leftover gear in Lost Ark. Inventory space is already very limited, so it is important to free up as much space as you can as you progress through the game and complete more challenges. You will quickly find yourself needing more inventory space to store new items as you go deeper into Lost Ark’s main storyline.

The best way to get rid of leftover items is by dismantling them and selling the resulting scrap materials for Silver. You can also opt to sell the items outright, but this method will net you less Silver than if you had dismantled them before selling.


Harmony Leapstones are valuable upgrade materials you will want to collect in Lost Ark. Fortunately, there are multiple sources for Harmony Leapstones in the game, such as Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeons, Island Quests, Auction House, and more.

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