How to Get the Aiwana Island Soul in Lost Ark

Where is Aiwana Island?

You can find Aiwana Island in the Atusia Ocean northeast of the North Luterran Sea and southwest of Tortoyk. Aiwana Island is closer to Luterra than Tortoyk, so sail for Luterra to get to Aiwana Island faster.

If you’re still having trouble finding Aiwana Island, you can use the World Map search function to pinpoint the island’s location. Press M on your keyboard to bring up the World Map, then type Aiwana Island in the search bar to find Aiwana Island’s exact location.

How do you get the Aiwana Island Soul?

You can get the Aiwana Island Soul after you complete the quest called Island of Dreams on Peyto. However, to get the Island of Dreams quest, you first need to start and complete a quest called The Perfect Getaway on Stern.

Head to Origins of Stern in Arthetine and look for a purple exclamation mark to find Stern Times Reporter Anteri and get the Island of Dreams quest. The quest will lead you to Peyto to complete a couple of objectives.

After completing the quest objectives on Peyto, you will be sent to Aiwana Island to finish the last few objectives for the quest. The Aiwana Island Soul will be awarded to you after you complete the quest on Aiwana Island.

You can get the Aiwana Island Soul halfway through the quest chain since it is one of the rewards for completing the Island of Dreams quest. After you get the Aiwana Island Soul, we suggest you run through the entire quest chain so you can also get the Gravis Island Soul.

Where do I redeem Island Souls?

You can redeem Island Soul rewards from Grandpa Opher at Opher, The Lonely Island. Opher, The Lonely Island in the East Vern Sea northwest of Peccia.

You can collect Island Soul rewards for every five unique Island Souls you collect in Lost Ark. You can claim your first Island Soul reward on Opher, The Lonely Island, when you have collected five Island Souls. The first reward you will get is a Greater Stat Increase Potion, which provides a permanent Stat Increase to your character. Other Island Soul rewards include Emotes, Stat Potions, a Mount, and other Collectibles.

Does every Island have a token in Lost Ark?

Not all islands will have a token in Lost Ark, as there are over 100+ islands in the game as of the current patch, but only 95 to collect from various islands in the game.

Nevertheless, many islands in Lost Ark will have an Island Token you can get via various means, such as completing chain quests, challenges, or opening specific chests. Some Island Tokens are rewarded for simply completing objectives, while others are an RNG drop for completing tasks.


The Aiwana Island Soul is one of the easiest Island Souls you can get in Lost Ark. There is no RNG involved in acquiring the Aiwana Island Soul, and all you really have to do is complete the chain quest that takes you from Origins of Stern in Arthetine, Peyto, and eventually, back to Aiwana Island. You can also get the Gravis Island Soul by completing the chain quest.

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