How to Get Relic Gear Set in Lost Ark

What is Relic Gear?

Gear Sets in Lost Ark come in four tiers or rarity – Normal, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and finally, Relic. Relic Gear is the highest level of gear you can get for your character in Lost Ark and typically has a base Item Level of 1415 – the highest base Item Level of any Set Gear in the game as of the current patch.

There are 9 Relic Gear Sets in Lost Ark, with some only usable by a select few classes, while others can be used by just about any class in the game.

  • Dominion Fang – Arcanist, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter
  • Betrayal Instinct
  • Swamp of Yearning – Artist, Bard, Paladin
  • Destructive Grasp
  • Charming Instinct
  • Earth’s Entropy – Deathblade, Destroyer, Glavier, Gunlancer, Scrapper, Reaper
  • Nightmare Flower – Artillerist, Arcanist, Glavier, Gunlancer, Gunslinger
  • Shrieking Hallucination – Artillerist, Gunlancer, Gunslinger, Machinist, Summoner, Sharpshooter
  • Poem of Salvation – Artillerist, Glavier, Gunslinger, Machinist, Sharpshooter, Summoner

Relic Gear is easily the most powerful Gear Set you can get in the game. Once you get your hands on Relic Gear, you’re set for basically anything Lost Ark can throw at you in the current patch. Relic Gear features some game-changing effects that can completely change how you play your character in Lost Ark.

How to Get Relic Gear Set

The only way to get a Relic Gear Set in Lost Ark is through crafting. To craft a Relic Gear Set, you must collect crafting materials which you can get from completing the Valtan and Vykas Legion Raid in either Normal or Hard mode, and take them to the Legion Commander Gear Crafting NPC.

When you complete the Valtan Legion Raid, you will get crafting material called Demonic Beast’s Bone, Demon Beast Vein, and Stone of Chaos. You can use these materials to craft a Relic Gear Set at the Legion Commander Gear Crafting NPC found in major cities in the game like Luterra, Arthetine, Yorn, or Vern.

How much does it cost to craft Relic Gear in Lost Ark?

Prices for crafting Relic Gear in Lost Ark will vary depending on the set piece you want to craft. With that said, expect to pay a hefty amount of Gold when crafting Relic Gear in Lost Ark. To give you a quick example, crafting the Poem of Salvation Chestpiece will cost you around 500 Gold.

Crafting Relic Gear will get very expensive very quickly in Lost Ark, but the prices make sense when you consider the fact that no other Gear Set is stronger than Relic Gear in the game right now.

Is Relic Gear worth it?

Relic Gear is the most powerful Gear Set you can get in Lost Ark, making them the most sought-after equipment to get in the endgame. Relic Gear will take a ton of grinding, so it’s important to know whether Relic Gear is worth it for you.

If you’re a solo player, Relic Gear likely isn’t worth the hassle right now. Relic Gear is mainly used for completing endgame activities such as Legion Raids as quickly as possible to get valuable upgrade materials for maxing out your character in the endgame. If you prefer playing solo, then having powerful gear that you can’t take advantage of won’t be worth the time spent acquiring Relic Gear.

On the other hand, if you’re a die-hard Lost Ark player who’s looking to get the best gear to make your character the best it can be, Relic Gear is not only worth it – it is likely your ultimate goal. In this instance, you probably won’t mind the hours spent grinding through Legion Raids and crafting each piece of your preferred Relic Gear Set.


Getting a Relic Gear Set in Lost Ark will take a ton of time and effort, as crafting these endgame gear requires crafting materials that you can only get from completing Legion Raids. Not only do you have to be decently good in PvE, but you also need to have a reliable team to ensure your Legion Raid goes smoothly, allowing you to collect the necessary crafting materials.

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