How to Get the Alar Skin Set in Lost Ark

What is the Alar Skin Set?

The Alar Skin Set is an Epic Tier Skin Set for the Warrior (Male), Mage, Martial Artist, and Gunner in Lost Ark.

Alar Skins consist of the Stygian Alar Headwear, Stygian Alar Chestpiece, and Stygian Alar Pants skins. The skin set features Witchhunter styling similar to Guardian Slayer Kadan’s clothing in Lost Ark.

Where to Get the Alar Skin Set?

You can get the Alar Skin Set from the Lost Ark Cash Shop/Lost Ark Shop or the Market/Auction House. Just be prepared to spend real money, as the Alar Skin Set can only be purchased using Crystals or Gold.

Bring up the Cash Shop by pressing F4 on your keyboard, then navigate to the Skin tab, and you should find the Alar Skin Set on the first page of the Skin section.

There are two options here – one variant can be purchased using Crystals, while the other can be purchased using Royal Crystals. Refer to the next section below to know how much these options cost in real-world money.

How much does the Alar Skin Set cost?

The Alar Skin Set costs 840 Crystals or 2,000 Royal Crystals in Lost Ark. In real-world money, the Alar Skin Set will set you back around $9.99 in your local currency.

As mentioned above, you can sometimes find an Alar Skin Set listing in the Market/Auction House. The prices here will vary as item pricing in the Market/Auction House is at the seller’s discretion. At the time of writing, we found just one Alar Skin Set in the Market with a hefty 28,000 Gold asking price.

Can you dye the Alar Skin Set?

You can dye the Alar Skin Set in Lost Ark. Many purchasable skins are dyeable through the Skinsmithing NPC found in all major cities in the game.

Since the Alar Skin does not have a “Cannot be dyed” label in its description, you should be able to bring the skin to the Skinsmithing NPC to have its color, pattern, or shine customized to your preferences.


Getting the Alar Skin Set is very easy in Lost Ark, only requiring you to find the Skin Set in the Cash Shop or Auction House and purchase the skin directly using Crystals, Royal Crystals, or Gold, depending on where you choose to buy the Witchhunter-like cosmetic set.

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