How to Get Rift Pieces in Lost Ark

What are Rift Pieces for?

Rift Pieces are a reward you can get from doing Chaos Gate runs in Lost Ark. Rift Pieces are a special currency you can use to purchase valuable items from specific NPCs in the game.

Rift Pieces will not have any value on their own. You can only get a decent reward for your Rift Pieces after you use them to purchase Secret Maps and then sell the loot you get from those Secret Maps.

How to Get Rift Pieces

You can get Rift Pieces by going on Chaos Gate runs and defeating the mini-bosses that appear throughout the run. Check Procyon’s Compass for Chaos Gate locations and schedules, and take part in the Chaos Gate run to get Rift Pieces.

Chaos Gates events are available daily except Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Lost Ark. You can enter the event as many times as you like, as these events spawn every hour whenever they are available in-game.

It is worth noting, however, that you can only get rewards for running Chaos Gates once per roster per day. So, while you can run Chaos Gates every hour daily, you won’t get more loot, such as Rift Pieces, for doing so.

How to Use Rift Pieces

Rift Pieces are essentially special currency that you can use to purchase Secret Maps from specific vendors in major cities in the game. Look for the Rift Piece Exchange NPC and exchange your Rift Pieces for Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 chests.

These chests will contain a Secret Map, which, when used, will reveal a Secret Dungeon location. Find the Secret Dungeon location, then clear it to get various rewards. The rarity of your Secret Map determines the loot you can get after you complete the Secret Dungeon run.

Some of the most valuable rewards you can get are Harmony Shard Pouches of different sizes. You can sell the Harmony Shard Pouches at the Auction to make a decent amount of extra Gold weekly.

Where are the Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

Chaos Gates is a Procyon’s Compass event that runs daily except Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Lost Ark. The event spawns every hour when they are available in-game. Check Procyon’s Compass to learn about Chaos Gate schedules and spawn times in-game.

You can team up with 30 other players on Chaos Gate runs to get rewards such as Secret Maps, Rage Runes, Card Packs, and Rift Pieces.


Rift Pieces are a currency you can get from Chaos Gate runs in Lost Ark. You can use Rift Pieces to purchase Secret Map chests from the Rift Piece Exchange NPC in major cities in the game. You can then use the Secret Maps to reveal Secret Dungeon locations that give out valuable Shard Pouches, which you can then sell at the Auction for extra Gold.

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