How to Get the Argon Island Soul in Lost Ark

Where is Argon Island?

Argon Island is between the Sirius Sea and the Sea of Dawn East of Shushire in Lost Ark. The island is full of large ice rocks, making it a popular location for ice sculpting.

Unlike Adventure Islands, you can visit Argon Island as soon as you unlock the ability to sail in Lost Ark, as the Admission Period for the island is Always. However, you might want to ensure your character is at least Item Level 460 so you don’t run into trouble against random enemies on the island.

How to Get the Argon Island Soul

You can get the Argon Island Soul as an RNG drop for successfully sculpting an ice statue on Argon Island. Sounds simple, right? It is until you realize that you need to attack a block of ice and deal the exact amount of damage to its remaining HP to create the statue.

For example, if you manage to bring the ice block’s HP down to 5 HP, you must deal exactly five damage to destroy the ice block and create the statue. If you deal six damage to the ice block, the ice will break, but you won’t get an ice sculpture.

Attacking a block of ice down to its exact remaining HP is difficult, especially since your character’s damage output numbers are inconsistent from one attack to the next. In addition, the blocks of ice do not have a numerical HP bar that gives you an estimate of how much HP it has left, making it difficult to know how much HP it has remaining.

The best way to control the damage you deal to the ice block is by using an item called the Mokoko’s Skillet. This item deals one damage per hit, making it the perfect tool to use for the last few hits on the ice block when it is at low HP.

Another item that deals just one damage per hit is the Ice Sculpting Drill, which you can get from destroying random ice sculptures on Argon Island. This item deals one damage per hit, like the Mokoko’s Skillet, but it will never Crit.

If you opt to use the Mokoko’s Skillet, make sure you unequip all your other items so your character does not proc any crit effects that can skew the Mokoko Skillet’s damage output.

Other players have also suggested unequipping all your character’s gear and using your character’s bare fists to deal the last bit of damage to the ice blocks. However, this is a less reliable method compared to using the Mokoko’s Skillet or the Ice Sculpting Drill, as your character will still deal more than 1 damage per hit even with all gear removed.

It is worth considering that other players can chime in and damage the ice blocks while you are attacking the ice as well. If the other player deals the exact amount of damage to the ice block’s remaining HP, he will create the ice statue and get the chance to acquire the Argon Island Soul instead. With that in mind, you might want to start your attempt on the ice blocks when no other players are on Argon Island.

What time does Argon Island reset?

The ice blocks on Argon Island reset every day at 12 AM server time for Korea, 1 AM server time for EUC, and 8 PM EST for NA East. There are multiple ice blocks on Argon Island, so you shouldn’t worry too much about not being able to find one on the island on your visit.

However, depending on your server’s population, you might find other players looking to acquire the Argon Island Soul as well.

How to Get the Mokoko’s Skillet

You can get the Mokoko’s Skillet as a reward for collecting two Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark. Head to the Ignea Token Exchange NPC in major cities in the game to claim the Mokoko’s Skillet.

Getting the Mokoko’s Skillet requires two Ignea Tokens, which you can acquire by getting a 100% completion on your Adventurer’s Tome on any region in the game.


The Argon Island Soul is arguably one of the more difficult Island Souls to get in Lost Ark. The precision required to create an ice statue makes the ice sculpting process a hit or miss, especially when you do not have the right tools for the job.

Acquire the Mokoko’s Skillet or the Ice Sculpting Drill and use either tool to chip off the last remaining HP from ice blocks to create an ice statue and get the Argon Island Soul.

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