How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Cute Emote?

The Cute Emote is 1 of 32 character animations that you can collect in Lost Ark. You can learn the Cute Emote after using the Emote: Cute book.

As the name suggests, the Cute Emote lets you trigger a character animation where your character poses in a cute manner in Lost Ark. The Cute Emote can be a great way of showing emotion to other players in-game.

Aside from showing off character animations to other players, Emotes are also used to complete Quest Objectives and increase Rapport with NPCs.

How to get the Cute Emote?

You can get the Cute Emote from Dessert Merchant Yurei on Peyto Island. You will need 5,000 Silver Coins to purchase the Cute Emote.

You can find Yurei on the west side of Peyto Island. Head to the Ship Deck area and look for a stall with various bread on display. Yurei’s location is hard to miss as there should be a few red tables occupied by NPCs in the area as well.

Talk to Yurei and navigate her shop to find the Cute Emote. As mentioned previously, you will ned to pay 5,000 Silver to get the Emote.

How to use the Cute Emote

After you have purchased the Emote: Cute book from Yurei, bring up your inventory by pressing the “I” button on your keyboard then navigate to the Emote: Cute book. Right-click on the book to learn the Cute Emote.

After you have learned the Cute Emote, you can now start using it by bringing up the Emotes menu by pressing “Y” on your keyboard. Look for the Cute Emote then left-click on it to play the Emote.

Alternatively, you can also just type in “/cute” in the chat box to use the Emote on the fly.

How to Assign Emotes in Lost Ark

You can Assign Emotes to a Quick Slot by clicking on an Emote and dragging the Emote to an empty slot on your Quick Slot.

You can also Assign select Emotes as your MVP Emote by clicking on the “MVP Settings”. You can equip MVP Emotes for Raid and Dungeons and Proving Grounds.


The Cute Emote is one of the easier Emotes to get in Lost Ark since you only need to find Yurei and purchase the Emote book from her to get the Cute Emote. Head to Peyto Island and go to the western part of the Ship Deck to find Yurei. Just make sure you have 5,000 Silver to spend on the Cute Emote when you get there.

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