How to Get the Powder of Mystery in Lost Ark

What is the Powder of Mystery?

Powder of Mystery is a material you can get by dismantling an Ability Stone in Lost Ark. Powder of Mystery can be exchanged at the Ability Stone Cutter NPC in major cities in the game.

There are multiple types of Powder of Mystery, but you can easily distinguish them through their color.

  • Blue – Powder of Mystery
  • Purple – Clear Powder of Mystery
  • Orange – Splendid Powder of Mystery
  • Dark Orange – Radian Powder of Mystery

Where to get Powder of Mystery?

You can get Powder of Mystery by dismantling Ability Stones in Lost Ark. Unfortunately, you can’t just take any Ability Stone and hope to get the Powder of Mystery from it – a specific type of Ability Stone is required to get Powder of Mystery.

Stones that do not provide Vitality will only give you Broken Equipment Powder when you dismantle it, while Stones that provide Vitality will give you Clear/Splendid/Radiant Powder from dismantling Rare/Epic/Legendary Stones.

How to use the Powder of Mystery?

You can exchange your Powder of Mystery for Ability Stones from the Ability Stone Cutter. The type of Stone you can get for your Powder of Mystery will depend on the type of Powder of Mystery you have.

  • Powder of Mystery – Unidentified Stone of Birth
  • Clear Powder of Mystery – Unidentified Outstanding Stone of Birth
  • Splendid Powder of Mystery – Unidentified Powerful Stone of Birth
  • Radiant Powder of Mystery – Unidentified Elegant Stone of Birth

You will need a specific amount of Powder of Mystery to get the corresponding Stone of Birth. Below are the Exchange Costs for each type of Stone of Birth:

  • Powder of Mystery – 15x
  • Clear Powder of Mystery – 30x
  • Splendid Powder of Mystery – 60x
  • Radiant Powder of Mystery – 80x

How do you break down stones in Lost Ark?

You can break down stones in Lost Ark by dismantling them within your inventory. You can do this by clicking on the Stone that you want to break down and clicking on the pickaxe icon in the bottom left corner of the inventory window.

It is worth noting that you will only get Broken Equipment Powder if you dismantle Ability Stones that do not provide Vitality. If you’re looking to get various types of Powder of Mystery, you’ll need to make sure the Stone you’re trying to dismantle provides a Vitality stat before you dismantle it.


Powder of Mystery is an important material to collect if you’re looking to get Stone of Birth in Lost Ark. Before you dismantle an Ability Stone, however, make sure that the Ability Stone provides a Vitality stat first. Otherwise, you’ll only end up with Broken Equipment Powder.

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