Where to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark

What is Tooki Island?

Tooki Island is a quirky island that only appears for a limited time in Lost Ark. Like most islands in Arkesia, you will find Quests, collectibles, and unique enemies on this island.

Unfortunately, finding Tooki Island can be quite tricky, as this island only spawns at a specific location for a limited time. In addition, Tooki Island only spawns every four hours daily, which means you will need to find the island and dock within the 10-minute window if you’re looking to complete quests and obtain collectibles on the island.

Nevertheless, you can start searching for the island from 4:50 AM server time. You can stay as long as you want on the island once you’ve landed.

Where is Tooki Island?

Tooki Island can spawn in one of four locations for ten minutes at a time multiple times per day. With that said, you can find Tooki Island in the following locations:

  • Northwest of Arthetine
  • Southwest of Pleccia, East of North Vern
  • Southwest of North Vern
  • Southeast of the East Luterra Port

As mentioned previously, Tooki Island can spawn in any of these four locations, so make sure you check these locations or use the area chat to get information on the island’s possible location from other players.

You can’t miss the island spawn point as the location will be marked by a large gold whirlpool. Other players will likely be there as well, so keep an eye out for multiple ships swarming the area.

How long is Tooki Island available?

Once it spawns, Tooki Island will only be available for ten minutes. After which, the island will spawn again after four hours.

Make sure you dock and land on the island as soon as you spot it, as the wait time between Tooki Island spawns is quite long (4 hours). While you’re there, take on island quests such as Tooki Tooki Treasures and Invincible King Tooki to get the Island Token.

How to get the Island Token on Tooki Island?

You can get the Island Token for Tooki Island as a drop from killing the Tooki King. Getting the drop from Tooki King can be a hit or miss, as the drop rates for the Island Token are completely random.

Adding to the difficulty of getting the Tooki Island Token from Tooki King is the difficulty of finding Tooki Island itself. Tooki Island only spawns for 10 minutes every four hours, which means you’ll have to wait quite a while if you somehow miss the Tooki Island spawn point.


Finding Tooki Island shouldn’t be too difficult in Lost Ark. Knowing the general spawn location of Tooki Island will go a long way in making sure you don’t accidentally sail to the wrong location.

With that said, make sure you check the in-game area chat when looking for Tooki Island. The island itself is a highly sought-after location in Lost Ark, so there’s a big chance many other players are likely looking for the island as well.

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