Where to Get Omnium Star in Lost Ark

What is an Omnium Star?

Omnium Stars are collectible items in Lost Ark. Omnium Stars are unsellable, indestructible, and cannot be dismantled.

There are 8 Omnium Stars in the NA/Western version of Lost Ark, and each one is represented by a specific number from 1-8. Each Omnium Star requires a different acquisition method and is tied to a specific reward.

You will receive your first Omnium Star after you complete the main quest on Punika.

Where to find Omnium Stars

Most Omnium Stars can be acquired in Punika. Only Omnium Stars #6-8 are located in a different place on the map.

  • Omnium Star #1 – Punika (Whispering Star Quest)
  • Omnium Star #2 – Punika (Una’s Task: Pond of Purification)
  • Omnium Star #3 – Punika (Gain Trusted Rapport with Nia)
  • Omnium Star #4 – Punika (Purchase at Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel for 8016 Sun Coins)
  • Omnium Star #5 – Anguished Isle (World Boss Moake Drop)
  • Omnium Star #6 – Punika (Garden of Despair Boss Stella)
  • Omnium Star #7 – South Vern Bellion Ruins (Chaos Line Boss)
  • Omnium Star #8 – Rowen (Hermut Drop)

Omnium Stars #9 and #10 exist in the KR version of Lost Ark. You can get them as drops for defeating the Elgacia field boss and Voldaik field boss.

Omnium Star Rewards

The number of Omnium Stars you collect dictates the rewards you can get from Albion. Below are all the rewards you can expect to get for collecting a specific number of Omnium Stars in Lost Ark.

  • 1 Omnium Star – Stat Increase Potion
  • 2 Omnium Stars – Greater Skill Point Potion
  • 3 Omnium Stars – Overwhelm Skill Rune
  • 4 Omnium Stars – Greater Stat Increase Potion
  • 5 Omnium Stars – Wealth Skill Rune
  • 6 Omnium Stars – Greater Skill Point Potion
  • 7 Omnium Stars – Protection Rune
  • 8 Omnium Stars – Omnium Starlight

Where do you turn in the Omniums Stars in Lost Ark?

Head to Nia Village in Punika and speak to Albion to claim your Omnium Star rewards. You do not need to turn in the Omnium Stars as these are simply collectibles in the game. Albion will simply look at the number of Omnium Stars you possess and give the appropriate rewards.


Omnium Stars do not give stat bonuses or effects to your character. However, collecting these items in-game will net you exciting rewards such as Skill Runes and Potions. If you already obtained a few Omnium Stars in your account, you can head to Nia Village and speak to Albon to claim your rewards.

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