Who is Armen in Lost Ark?

Who is Armen?

Armen, otherwise known as Father Armen, is a non-playable character in Lost Ark who you will meet very early in Lost Ark’s story mode. Armen is a Quest Giver NPC, which means you will receive the main storyline quests from him every now and then.

Armen is a priest who is well-known for his ability to heal. Like the main character (you), Armen believes in the existence of the Ark and is willing to help you retrieve the Ark for the good of mankind.

What is a Delain?

A Delain is a cross between a Demon and a Human in Lost Ark. However, unlike purebred Demons, a Delain will typically have a predominantly human appearance, only revealing their demon form when using their demonic powers.

As you might already know, Father Armen is a Delain and as such, he also possesses powerful demonic powers alongside his remarkable holy power. However, in Lost Ark’s story mode, Father Armen is forced into his demon form multiple times when fighting against powerful foes such as Kharmine.

It is presumed that a Delain is in a perpetual battle against their demonic side. This is evidenced by Father Varut worrying about the possibility of Armen’s demon side winning over him whenever he uses his demonic powers.

It is also worth noting that the Shadowhunter class is a Delain as well.

What happens to Armen in Lost Ark?

Despite being discriminated for harboring powerful demonic powers, Armen chose the path of light and saved countless lives in his journey across Arkesia. Unfortunately, in circumstances where Armen’s holy power was not enough, Armen would find himself tapping into his demon side and risking his humanity to save the innocent.

In the Campaign Quest Lostwind Cliff, Armen would eventually give into his demon side, as the sight of dead innocent men and women proved too much for him. In a fit of demon-fueled rage, Armen slays countless soldiers and eventually slays Executor Solas.

After the events of Lostwind Cliff, Armen can be seen visiting multiple worlds with Kharmine, as the latter shows him reasons why humans aren’t as worth saving as Armen believed. At this point, Armen has fully defected to the demon side.

The last time you’ll hear about Armen in NA Lost Ark is at Promise Isle. After completing a series of purple quests, Allegro will tell you stories about Armen and how he has defected even deeper into the darkness. However, Allegro reassures you that Armen will eventually come back to the light, as memories of his loved ones and his adventures with you continue to shine a light in his lost heart.

Who voices Armen in Lost Ark?

Armen is voiced by actor and writer Mark Whitten. He is best known for his work in Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train.

Mark Whitten has done a great job voicing Armen in Lost Ark. He has given Armen a cool and calm tone fitting for a holy priest. However, when things get intense, Mark Whitten manages to give just the right amount of emotion to Armen as well.


Armen is nowhere to be found in Lost Ark NA right now. However, expect to see him again soon as the main storyline progresses through new continents in Arkesia.

It remains to be seen whether he can overcome the darkness to come back to the light later in the game’s story. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see the character progression that Armen goes through as he embraces his darker side.

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