Locations of All Promise Isle Mokoko Seeds

Where is Promise Isle?

You will find the Promise Isle toward the North East of Rohendel. Promise Isle is just one of close to 100 islands in Lost Ark. You can start exploring and visiting these islands as soon as you receive your first ship and gain the ability to sail in Lost Ark.

You can visit this island anytime, but it is recommended that you have Item Level 460 before you go to Promise Isle. You can get 1x Island Token in Promise Isle and 6 Mokoko Seeds.

How many Mokoko Seeds are there in Promise Isle?

There are 6 Mokoko Seeds in Promise Isle. Four of these Mokoko Seeds can be found in secret areas on the island, while two can be found in the open. Follow the guide below to find all Mokoko Seeds on the island.

6 Mokoko Seeds might not seem like much, but all the seeds you collect will eventually add up and give you access to exciting rewards later in the game.

Promise Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

Getting all 6 Mokoko Seeds on Promise Isle is easy but you’ll need to have the Song of Minuet to access Mokoko Seeds 1 and 2.

You will find Mokoko Seed 3 after you climb the vines in the northwestern part of the main island.

The next two Mokoko Seeds will require Mining Level 30 and you need to use explosives to access the hidden area.

The last Mokoko Seed can be found next to Allegro at the peak of the Island.

How many islands does Lost Ark have?

There are over 100 islands in Lost Ark that you can explore as soon as you gain the ability to sail in the game. Aside from a new environment, Islands offer collectibles, quests, and other unique experiences that you will want to complete in Lost Ark.

Island Tokens are arguably the main reason you will want to explore all the islands in Lost Ark. You can collect Island Tokens and receive valuable rewards similar to Mokoko Seeds. Speaking of Mokoko Seeds, most Islands will also have a few Mokoko Seeds hidden in the area. Collect these and get rewards from Totoma at Mokoko Village.


Promise Isle’s Mokoko Seeds require a bit more effort to collect as they will require the use of Forest’s Minuet and a Level 30 explosives Mining Skill. Follow the guide above to find all six Mokoko Seeds on Promise Isle.

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