Locations of All Lopang Island Mokoko Seeds

Where is Lopang Island in Lost Ark?

You can find Lopang Island Northwest of Tortoyk in the Credos Ocean. Alternatively, you can sail toward the West from the Port City of Changhun and you’ll find Lopang Island.

Lopang Island is one of many Islands found in Lost Ark that you can access via ship. It houses a large shipping company called Lopang Inc and is home to many couriers.

You can collect an Island Soul in Lopang Island and three Mokoko Seeds. The island is always open to visitors as long as you meet the Recommended Item Level of 250.

How many Mokoko Seeds are on Lopang Island?

You will find three Mokoko Seeds on Lopang Island – two can be found toward the northernmost part of the map (Lopang Office) while the last one can be found South of Warehouse 1.

Finding all three Mokoko Seeds should be easy on Lopang Island. The Island itself is relatively small, so traveling by land should be pretty quick.

Lopang Island Mokoko Seeds Location

There are only three Mokoko Seeds in Lopang Island so finding all three should be pretty easy.

You can find the first Mokoko Seed in a small pen toward the west of Senior Manager Jasni’s location.

The last two Mokoko Seeds can be found inside Lopang Office. Just walk toward the northernmost end of the office and you’ll find Mokoko Seed 2 and 3.

Where can I trade Mokoko Seeds?

You can trade your Mokoko Seeds in Mokoko Village on the island of Tortoyk. Speak to Totoma to access his inventory and trade your Mokoko Seeds.

It is worth noting that you don’t actually ‘trade’ Mokoko Seeds like you would with coins, for example. Instead, you can claim rewards for every 50 Mokoko Seeds that you have collected in Lost Ark. You can get various rewards for collecting up to 1250 Mokoko Seeds in-game.


The three Mokoko Seeds you collect on Lopang Island might not seem like much but they will add up as you collect more Mokoko Seeds from other locations in the game.

The Mokoko Seeds within the island shouldn’t be too difficult to find as well, Refer to the Mokoko Seed location guide above to find all three Mokoko Seeds on Lopang Island.

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