How to Complete Bleak Night Fog in Lost Ark

What is Bleak Night Fog?

Bleak Night Fog is a task found in Una’s Daily Task that you can complete daily in Lost Ark. This task involves talking to crew members and listening to various stories about ghosts at sea and then taking on a Nightmare Ghost Ship.

You can get various rewards for completing Ghost Ship raids. Expect to get upgrade materials, Engravings, and Pirate Coins after you beat the Ghost Ship boss.

These ships spawn randomly daily, so you might have to do some hunting to find an available Ghost Ship at sea. You can only get rewards from Ghost Ships once a week.

How do you unlock Bleak Night Fog?

You can unlock Bleak Night Fog after you unlock the ability to sail in Lost Ark. Complete the Wavestrand Port questline and get your first ship in the game to get started. After which, you will need to accept the following quests:

  • A New Voyage
  • Wall of Procyon

After you accept these quests, you will need to upgrade your ship to Level 2 and sail for Rohendel. When you finally arrive at Rohendel, you can now start searching for Ghost Ships.

It is worth noting, however, that you will need to have at least Item Level 460 to take on Ghost Ships in the Bleak Night Fog Daily Task. So make sure you farm high-level gear in Chaos Dungeons first to get your character to the right Item Level.

Bleak Night Fog Location

Bleak Night Fog can be found in Una’s Daily Task menu in Lost Ark. You can take on this task daily to get various rewards.

The Ghost Ship, on the other hand, spawns at random locations at sea. To find these ships, you can type in “Ghost Ship” on your map’s search bar to pinpoint their exact location. Look for a gray ship icon on the map to find these ships.

Bleak Night Fog Rewards

Rewards will vary from one run of Bleak Night Fog to the next. Nevertheless, expect to get upgrade materials (Leapstones), Engravings, Silver, and Pirate Coins by completing this daily task.

As you progress in this Daily Task, you will eventually get to Level 3 and get a Ghost Ship of your own: Eibern’s Wound. Eibern’s Wound is one of the primary reasons players grind the Bleak Night Fog Daily Task.

Eibern’s Wound is one of the most durable ships in the game with a Durability rating of 4200 and high resistance to Dead Waters and Cold Snap Seas.


Bleak Night Fog is a popular Una’s Task because this Una’s Task is the only way to get your very own Ghost Ship in-game Eibern’s Wound. Eibern’s Wound is a very durable ship that has high resistance in Dead Waters and Cold Snap Seas, making it a great ship to have in your fleet.

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