How to Complete Ride Like the Wind in Lost Ark

What is Ride Like the Wind in Lost Ark?

Ride Like the Wind is a quest in Una’s Task where you need to sail across the Sea of Gienah and drop off customers at multiple locations.

Many Una’s Tasks will require you to sail across the sea to complete various quests and challenges. Ride Like the Wind is an Una’s Task that you will want to complete when farming upgrade materials in Lost Ark.

How to complete Ride Like the Wind

As mentioned previously, Ride Like the Wind will require you to ferry customers from Peyto to three different locations at sea. Below are the quest objectives for Ride Like the Wind:

Ride Like the Wind Objectives:

  • Give a customer from Peyto a ride.
  • Give a ride to a customer on the marine taxi
    • Disembark at Tortoyk: Seaswept Woods
    • Disembark at Revelry Row
    • Disembark at Turtle Island

You can take the customers to any of the three locations in any order. However, you’ll save time by ferrying the customer in the following order:

  1. Peyto
  2. Turtle Island
  3. Tortoyk Seaswept Woods
  4. Revelry Row.

Look for an orange circle at any of these locations and then simply drop your anchor to drop off the customer. After you drop off a customer, move on to the remaining locations. Do this for all three locations to complete Ride Like the Wind.

Ride Like the Wind Rewards

Ride Like the Wind is an easy Una’s Task that gives out an appropriate amount of rewards for your effort. As such, you’ll only get a few rewards for completing this Una’s Task. Below are the rewards you can expect to get from Ride Like the Wind.

  • 10x Harmony Leapstone
  • 10x Reputation Points
  • 480x Roster XP

The Harmony Leapstone reward is arguably the most valuable reward for completing Ride Like the Wind. You can use the Harmony Leapstone to hone your character’s gear and increase its gear score.


Ride Like the Wind is a fairly simple quest that only really requires a time investment to complete in Lost Ark. As mentioned above, you can ferry customers to any of the three islands in any order you wish, but we suggest you follow the course we have outlined above so you can complete this quest more efficiently.

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