How to Complete the Escape to Freedom Quest in Lost Ark

What is Escape to Freedom?

Escape to Freedom is a quest found in Facility X-301 in Lost Ark. Escape to Freedom is one of the weirdest quests in the game which requires you to find and interact with secret devices in an alternate world.

You can unlock Escape to Freedom after you complete Slaughtered Predator and Truth or Dare on Facility X-301.

Where to find the Escape to Freedom Quest

You can find the Escape to Freedom Question in Facility X-301 in Lost Ark. Facility X-301 is an island located Southeast of Tooki Island or West of Arid Path.

Once you land on the island, complete island quests until Truth or Dare and Slaughtered Predator. Eventually, you will be led to a dungeon called the Land of Truth. This is where you’ll find the Escape to Freedom Quest in Lost Ark.

How to Complete the Escape to Freedom Quest

You can start the Escape to Freedom Quest after you complete normal quests on Facility X-301. Eventually, you will come across a Dungeon called Land of Truth. Enter this dungeon and you will be transported to a mysterious factory.

In the mysterious factory, head northwest and look for a console. Interact with the console to activate it. Once you’re inside the factory, you will have to interact with three items:

  • A statue where you need to use the Song of Resonance
  • Multiple dummies in a red dress.
  • Boxes with red labels.

After you interact with the items above, walk through the mechanic door and make your way to the room towards the north. A red button should show up. Interact with this button to move on to the next part of the quest.

You will be sent to Prideholm after you press the red button. Here you need to find four Secret Devices. Here are their locations:

  • King Thirain Status from the left in the Church.
  • 2nd floor of the Inn. Look for Neria and flirt with her.
  • The rightmost building near the Loghill exit. Interact with the glitching Kharmine.
  • Left painting in a room in one of the taverns in Prideholm.

After you collect all four secret devices, head north to complete the quest. Just go through the rest of the quest and you’ll eventually meet with the Developer who will send you back to Facility X-301.

Escape to Freedom Quest Rewards

You will get Roster XP, Pirate Coins, Developer’s Bag, Silver, Creation Fragments, and a Rare Engraving Selection Chest as rewards for completing the Escape to Freedom Quest in Lost Ark.

  • 215 Roster XP
  • 15,000 Pirate Coins
  • 1x Developer’s Bag
  • 40,000 Silver
  • 7x Creation Fragment
  • 1x Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest


Escape to Freedom Quest can be very challenging if you don’t know where to find the Secret Devices. Follow the guide above so you can find all four Secret Devices in the alternate world and complete this quest as quickly as possible.

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