How to Get the Forpe Island Soul

Where is Forpe Island?

Forpe Island is an Adventure Island located in the Sea of Gienah, West of Anikka and North East of Tortoyk. Because Forpe Island is an Adventure Island, it only spawns for a limited time during the week. Check Procyon’s Compass for Forpe Island’s spawn schedules in Lost Ark.

Like most islands in the game, Forpe Island also carries an Island Soul that you can collect after defeating the Island Boss, Batuark. Aside from the Island Soul, you can also get five Mokoko Seeds on Forpe Island.

How to Get the Forpe Island Soul?

As mentioned above, you need to defeat the Island Boss Batuark to get the Forpe Island Soul. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as simple as landing on the island, taking the boss down, and leaving with the Island Soul, as you can only deal damage to Batuark by turning into an exploding chicken.

There are several chests on Forpe Island, and interacting with these will instantly turn you and other players into chickens. You have three minutes before Batuark spawns as soon as you and the other players arrive on the island. You must work with other players and swarm Batuark’s spawn location and then use the exploding chicken form as soon as the boss shows up.

Batuark will have a fairly high amount of HP, which means you might have to turn into a chicken and explode into Batuark a few times before you finally take him down. Unfortunately, the Island Soul isn’t a guaranteed drop as it is tied to RNG. You might have to come back another time and take down Batuark again to get the Forpe Island Soul.

Are there Mokoko Seeds on Forpe Island?

Yes, there are six Mokoko Seeds on Forpe Island that you can pick up and add to your growing Mokoko Seed collection.

To get the Mokoko Seeds on Forpe Island, you need to transform into chickens first. You can do this by interacting with the random chests found on the island. After you have transformed into a chicken, head to the Mokoko Seed locations and pick up the Mokoko Seeds on the island. You need to be in chicken form to pick up four of six Mokoko Seeds on Forpe Island.

Forpe Island Rewards

Aside from the Island Soul and five Mokoko Seeds found on the island, you can also get several other loots from Forpe Island. Defeat Batuark and you can get a Secret Map to an Adventure: Mysterious Chest, and you even have a chance of getting a Red Mane Wolf Mount as well.

However, like the Island Soul, the Secret Map and the Red Mane Wolf Mount are tied to RNG as well, which means you may or may not get these rewards after defeating Batuark. Nevertheless, if you don’t get the Island Soul right away, there’s a good chance you’ll acquire other loot for your efforts.


Island Souls in Lost Ark will require different unlock requirements. On some islands, you only need to complete a simple chain quest to get the corresponding Island Soul, while others will require you to turn into exploding chickens, such as in Forpe Island.

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