How to Get the Giant Mushroom Island Soul

Where is Giant Mushroom Island?

You can find Giant Mushroom Island in the Atusia Ocean just West of Tortoyk or North East of East Luterra. Bring up the World Map and type in ‘Giant Mushroom Island’ on the search bar to pinpoint the island’s location.

Like most islands in Lost Ark, you will find an Island Soul on Giant Mushroom Island, as well as a handful of Mokoko Seeds.

How to Get the Giant Mushroom Island Soul

You can get the Giant Mushroom Island Soul by using your Logging Trade Skill to cut down mushrooms on the island until the Island Soul drops for you. However, the mushrooms required for the task can only be found in a special area on the map.

To access the special area, you have to talk to Damon to start the Quest called The Loyal Son. After which, purchase Red Cashew Juice from the NPC called Pasupasu. Red Cashew Juice will let you shrink in size, giving you to access the special area on the island.

The Giant Mushroom Island drop rate is random, so you’ll just have to keep Logging mushrooms until the Giant Mushroom Island Soul drops. This process generally takes around 20-30 minutes depending on how lucky you are.

Giant Mushroom Island Rewards

Aside from the Giant Mushroom Island Soul, you can also get the following rewards on the island.

  • Ancient Platinum Coin
  • x2000 Pirate Coin
  • x8000 Silver

You can acquire the rewards listed above by completing the Quest called ‘The Loyal Son’ on Giant Mushroom Island. Talk to the NPC Damon to start the quest.

Where are the Mokoko Seeds in Giant Mushroom Island?

While you’re on Giant Mushroom Island, it might be worth searching the island around for some Mokoko Seeds. There are four Mokoko Seeds on Giant Mushroom Island that you can collect alongside the Giant Mushroom Island Soul.

All four Mokoko Seeds can be found in the relative open on the island. You do not need any special Sheet Music or Trade Skills to access special areas to get the Mokoko Seeds.


The Giant Mushroom Island Soul is one of the easiest Island Souls to get in Lost Ark, as you only need to spend a few minutes collecting mushrooms on the island to get the Island Soul. Finding Giant Mushroom Island isn’t too difficult as well. Just use the World Map search function to find the island faster.

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