How to Get the Glacier Isle Token in Lost Ark

Where is Glacier Isle?

Glacier Isle is in the Misty Strait East of Sirius Sea and Shushire and Northwest of Arthetine. You can easily spot Glacier Isle through the World Map by pressing M on your keyboard and typing in Glacier Isle in the World Map search bar.

You can visit Glacier Isle anytime via your ship since the island’s Admission Period is Always, and the Recommended Item Level is a very low 250. Tons of content awaits on Glacier Isle, including quests to unlock the Glacier Isle Token, Mokoko Seeds, and the Elegy of Serenity, to name a few.

How to Get the Glacier Isle Token

You can get the Glacier Isle Token as a reward for completing the chain quest on Glacier Isle. It might take a while before you can get the Glacier Isle Token, as you’ll need to complete nine quests in the Glacier Isle quest chain in the following order:

  • Iceberg Inquiry
  • Silent Prelude
  • Dastardly Disease
  • A Nose for News
  • The Sickly Sea
  • Rhapsody of Renewal
  • The Jig is Up
  • Justice Achieved
  • Elegy of Serenity

Most of the nine quests in the Glacier Isle quest chain are straightforward, save for the quest “A Nose for News,” where you’ll end up spending a lot of time using the Magick Flow Detector to trace anomalies in Northern Nebelhorn.

How do you unlock the quest on Glacier Isle?

Before taking quests on Glacier Isle, you must complete the quest “The Watcher” in Origins of Stern in Arthetine. Only after you complete The Watcher will you be able to take on the first quest on Glacier Isle, Iceberg Inquiry.

The Watcher is a World Quest that follows Lost Ark’s main storyline, which means you’ll eventually come across this quest as you progress through the game’s main story.

What is the Quest of the Elegy of Serenity?

The quest that unlocks the Elegy of Serenity is also called the Elegy of Serenity. The Elegy of Serenity is the final quest in the Glacier Isle quest chain and unlocks not only the Elegy of Serenity but also the Glacier Isle Token.

As mentioned in the section above, you can only start the Elegy of Serenity quest after you complete eight other quests on Glacier Isle. While the quest chain consists of a total of nine quests, completing all nine should only take around an hour or so.


The Glacier Isle Token is locked behind the Elegy of Serenity quest on Glacier Isle. However, before you can take the quest that unlocks the Glacier Isle Token, you’ll first need to complete eight other prerequisite quests, including the tedious quest A Nose for News.

After you complete all nine quests, you will receive the Glacier Isle Token, Elegy of Serenity Sheet Music, and a slew of quest rewards such as Stone Fragments, Engraving Recipes, and Stat Increase Potion.

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