How to Get the Relic Blackfang Crew in Lost Ark

What is the Relic Blackfang Crew for?

Relic Blackfang is a Relic Sailor for the ship Astray in Lost Ark. Adding sailors or crew such as Blackfang to your ship alters ship stats such as Base Sailing Speed and resistance to various types of waters and adds unique bonuses via Skills.

When added to the Astray, Blackfang increases Base Sailing Speed by +2.3 Knots and improves Kelp Bed, Sandstorm, and Siren Seas resistance by 11, 8, and 7, respectively. Relic Blackfang also adds the Skill Tailwind, which increases the amount of Fast Sailing Speed recovered when sailing by +15.

It is worth noting, however, that Relic Blackfang also carries negative stat debuffs, namely a -2, -9, and -15 resistance to Cold Snap Seas, Tempest Seas, and Dead Waters, respectively.

How do you get Relic Blackfang?

You can get Relic Blackfang from the Merchant Keith at the Island of Mist. Relic Blackfang costs 1 Tears of the Abyss, which you can purchase for 8000 Sun Coins from the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in Punika.

You can trade your Pirate Coins for Sun Coins at a rate of 1 Sun Coin per 20 Pirate Coins. Alternatively, you can also get Sun Coins by collecting High Seas Coin Chests, which you can get by completing various island quests in Lost Ark.

Is Blackfang a good Crew Member in Lost Ark?

Blackfang is one of the best Crew Members you can add to the Astray in Lost Ark. Not only does Blackfang add 2.3 Knots to Astray’s Base Sailing Speed, but she also brings notable buffs to Astray’s resistance to Kelp Beds (+11), Sandstorm Seas (+8), and Siren Seas (+7).

Aside from passive buffs, Blackfang also adds a new Skill to Astray called Tailwind – a Passive Ability that increases the amount of Fast Sailing Speed you recover while sailing.

While Blackfang brings notable improvements to the Astray’s speed and resistance to certain types of sea conditions, she also reduces the Astray’s Resistance to Cold Snap Seas, Tempest Seas, and Dead Waters. You’re going to want to pair Blackfang with another crew member that increases these three resistances so you can balance out the negative stats that Blackfang brings to the Astray.

Where is Blackfang?

You can find Blackfang in Blackfang’s Den – an island located in the body of water at the southwestern end of Anikka. Once you’re on the island, head for the hut on the northwestern side and you should be able to find Blackfang inside.

Sailing to the island should be fairly quick if you’re coming from Vern or Luterra, but you’ll want to sail to Blackfang’s Den with full ship HP since you’ll have to pass through Tempest Seas to get to the island.


Relic Blackfang is a must-have crew for the Astray in Lost Ark. By adding the legendary pirate to your Astray crew, you will increase the ship’s Base Sailing Speed, resistance to Kelp Beds, Sandstorm Seas, and Siren Seas. Blackfang also adds a nifty Passive Skill called Tailwind, which improves the Astray’s Fast Sailing Speed recovery by 15 points.

Just be aware that Blackfang also comes at the cost of worse resistance to all the other sea conditions, so it might be worth pairing her with another crew member who excels in sea conditions that Blackfang doesn’t do well with.

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