How to Get the Illusion Bamboo Isle Soul in Lost Ark

Where is Illusion Bamboo Isle in Lost Ark?

Illusion Bamboo Isle is located in the Seeker’s Sea Southwest of Punika and East of Yorn. You can sail to Illusion Bamboo Isle quickly if you’re sailing from Tideshelf Path or Lake Shivewave.

You can visit Illusion Bamboo Isle anytime, as the island’s Admission Period is set to Always. However, since the Recommended Item Level is set relatively high at 1100, you’ll want to upgrade your character’s gear and get it up to the minimum Item Level before going to the island.

Illusion Bamboo Isle is a remote island covered in bamboo. An NPC named Zinnervale practices on the island under the supervision of Sidereal Shandi.

How to Get the Illusion Bamboo Isle Soul

You can get the Illusion Bamboo Isle Soul as a reward for reaching the Trusted Rapport with the NPC Zinnervale on the island.

To get to Trusted Rapport with Zinnervale, you will need 19,000 more Rapport Points after completing Friendly – Level 3. By reaching Trusted Rapport with Zinnervale, you will have amassed 77,150 Rapport Points.

Building Rapport will be very similar for most NPCs in Lost Ark. You can play Sheet Music, use Emotes, or give the NPC specific Rapport Gifts to build Rapport with them.

For Zinnervale, you can play the Song of Valor to increase Rapport by 250 or use the Encourage or Umarka Emote to boost Rapport by 250 and 300, respectively. Alternatively, you can also give Zinnervale various Rapport Gifts such as Liebeheim’s Rose, Fargar’s Beer, or the Linderte Goblet to increase Rapport significantly.

Best Rapport Gifts to Give to Zinnervale

Epic Rapport Gifts for Zinnervale

  • Liebeheim’s Rose
  • Lobster Dish
  • Queen’s Knights Application
  • Bruug Steak
  • Desiccated Wooden Statue
  • Lakebar Tomato Juice
  • Dyorika Straw Hat
  • Mysterious Mouth
  • Azenaporium Brooch
  • Fancier Bouquet
  • Model of Luterra’s Sword
  • Zagoras Ice Cap
  • Glacial Beer
  • Broken Dagger
  • Prideholme Potato
  • Pierrenamite
  • Paradise Parfait
  • Oversize Ladybug Doll
  • Raccoontaurus Milk
  • Book of Survival
  • Mokoko Carrot
  • Tournament Entrance Certificate

Legendary Rapport Gifts for Zinnervale

  • Fargar’s Beer
  • Sky Reflection Oil
  • Shy Wind Flower Pollen
  • Fine Gramophone
  • Sirius’s Holy Book
  • Festival of Fire and Ice
  • Oreha Viewing Stone
  • Surprise Chest
  • Chain War Chronicles
  • Angler’s Fishing Pole
  • Vern’s Founding Coin
  • Red Moon Tears
  • Sylvain Queens’ Blessing
  • Necromancer’s Records

Relic Rapport Gifts for Zinnervale

  • Crystal Necklace
  • Encavian Crown
  • Honey Toast
  • Endless Bottle
  • Linderte Goblet
  • Millennial Lotus Essence
  • Blessing of the Lazeniths
  • Azure Heart Fruit
  • Liquor of Arrogance
  • Lunar Knights Token
  • Gustaven’s Holy Water
  • Medrick Centennial Wine
  • Living Stone
  • Hoyte Issue No. 289
  • Azure Gem
  • Mask of the Oath
  • Gienah’s Protection
  • Haal Coin
  • Albions’s Scale

Where can I find Rapport items in Lost Ark?

You can get Rapport Items from various sources in Lost Ark. There are currently 99 Rapport Items/Gifts in the game and they can come in varying rarities (Epic, Legendary, and Artifact) You can get them from the following locations/merchants:

  • Exchange Rapport NPC
  • Wandering Merchants
  • Wandering Merchant Ships (Tea and Libra Guild Vessel/Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel)
  • Cash Shop (Rapport Chest Pack)
  • Mari’s Secret Shop

All the options listed above are viable sources for Rapport Items in Lost Ark. With that said, exchanging your Providence Stones at the Exchange Rapport NPC provides the most value, as the Rapport Chests you can get from them contain multiple Rapport Items.


Getting the Illusion Bamboo Isle Soul is going to take a while, as you’ll need to reach the final Rapport Level with the NPC Zinnervale to be awarded the Bamboo Isle Soul. Fortunately, you can use Sheet Music or Emotes to increase Rapport with Zinnervale or give him various Rapport Items.

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