How to Get the Sublime Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Sublime Island?

Sublime Island is located in the Coventina Sea at the Northwestern side of the World Map in Lost Ark. The island is situated Northwest of Vern and Southwest of Shushire. Islands close to Sublime Isle include Unknown Island, Tranquil Isle, and Asura Island.

You can sail to Sublime Island anytime as the Admission Period for the island is Always and the Recommended Item Level is a relatively low 635.

How to Get the Sublime Island Token

You can get the Sublime Island Token as a Rapport reward for reaching the Trusted tier with Ezrebet or Krissa. You only need to get Trusted Rapport with one of the NPCs since you cannot Rapport with both at the same time.

Unlocking Rapport with either Ezrebet or Krissa requires you to complete two separate quests. It is worth noting, however, that completing one quest over the other will cause you to forfeit the chance to increase your Rapport with either NPC.

If you choose to Rapport with Ezrebet, you must complete the “Primordial Existence” quest on Sublime Island. For Krissa, complete the quest “Stern’s Specialist” on Sublime Island.

What Rapport Items Should You Give to Ezrebet and Krissa?

Achieving Trusted Rapport with Ezrebet and Krissa will require 12,000 Rapport points over Friendly – Level 3. Some of the best Rapport Items you can give to these NPCs to increase Rapport include:

Ezrebet Rapport Items

  • Liebeheim’s Rose – [Search] Liebeheim (+324 Rapport)
  • Fargar’s Beer – [City] Wandering Merchant (+2000 Rapport)
  • Vern’s Founding Coin – [City] Wandering Merchant (+2000 Rapport)
  • Azure Gem – [Adventurer’s Tome] Shushire (+10,000 Rapport)
  • Gustaven’s Holy Water – [Adventurer’s Tome] Rethramis (+10,000 Rapport)

Krissa Rapport Items

  • Zagoras Ice Cap – [Search] Mount Zagoras (+324 Rapport)
  • Liebeheim’s Rose – [Search] Liebeheim (+324 Rapport)
  • Necromancer’s Records – [Adventurer’s Tome] South Vern/[Exchange] Wandering Merchant – Evan (+2000 Rapport)
  • Sylvain Queens’ Blessing – [Adventurer’s Tome] Rohendel (+2000 Rapport)
  • Endless Bottle [Adventurer’s Tome] Anikka (+10,000 Rapport)

Aside from Rapport items, you can also play Sheet Music or use Emotes to increase Rapport with either Ezrebet or Krissa.

For Ezrebet, you can use the Elegy of Serenity and Requiem of Twilight songs or use the Emote: Threaten to increase Rapport by 275, 300, and 375, respectively.

To increase Rapport with Krissa, you can play the songs Requiem of Twilight and Song of Starlight or use Emote: Frustrated to increase Rapport by 300, 325, and 275, respectively.

How do you unlock Primordial Existence in Lost Ark?

You can unlock Primordial Existence by completing the quest “A Pleasant Aroma” on Sublime Isle. A Pleasant Aroma is a Leve 1 Roster Quest that you can take from NPC Janet on Sublime Isle.

Primordial Existence is a simple quest that requires you to smell special flowers on Sublime Isle. You can get various rewards such as Roster XP, a Rapport Item called Linderte Goblet, and Pirate Coins, to name a few, for completing this quest. This quest is a prerequisite for starting Rapport with Ezrebet.


Getting the Sublime Island Token is no easy task, as you are required to complete Rapport with either Ezrebet or Krissa on Sublime Island to get the Sublime Island Token. Fortunately, you’re free to choose who you want to Rapport with, as either NPC requires a similar amount of Rapport points to reach Trusted status.

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