How to Get the Island of Mist Token in Lost Ark

Where is the Island of Mist?

The Island of Mist is a PvP Island in the open seas northwest of Vern. You can find the island faster by bringing up the World Map (M) and zooming in on the group of islands southwest of the Wall of Procyon. Look for a red icon with two clashing swords to find the Island of Mist.

Island of Mist’s Admission Period is Always, but the Recommended Item Level is a relatively high 960. Nevertheless, sailing to the Island of Mist shouldn’t be a problem as the island sits in clear, calm waters.

How to get the Island of Mist Token

You can get the Island of Mist Token as a reward for completing the purple quest “A Bad Prank!”. To unlock A Bad Prank, you’ll have to complete six quests, with first three of the quests requiring you to find three hidden objects and the last three requiring a starter item, which you can get from killing specific monsters on the island.

Start by talking to NPC Tui to start the Misty Island and Friends quest. This will kickstart the Island of Mist quest chain and allow you to start collecting the hidden objects on the island. The quest is easy and only requires you to say hi to Tui’s friends on the island.

Once Misty Island and Friends are complete, head for the locations marked in the image below to find the three hidden items for quests Probably Day One, Probably Day Two, and Probably Day Three.

After you find the hidden objects and complete their respective quests, you can start searching for the monsters that drop the starter items for the last three quests in the quest chain. The monsters you’re looking for are:

  • Contaminated Sting Moth
  • Blackrose Poison Spider
  • Possessed Kran

Find these monsters on the island and kill them to collect the required starter items (Torn Paper) for quests Probably Day Four, Probably Day Five, and Probably the Last Day? Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to kill multiple of these monsters before they drop a quest starter item. Once you’ve completed the last three prerequisite quests, head back to Tui to complete A Bad Prank.

Island of Mist Quests and Rewards

Quests on the Island of Mist give out generous rewards such as Pirate Coins, Silver, Engraving Recipes, and various chests. Below is a full list of rewards you can expect to get for completing the Island of Mist questline.

  • Island of Mist Token
  • Chest of Mist
  • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest x6
  • Rare Engraving Recipe Chest (Class Exclusive) x3
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x5
  • High Seas Coin Chest x7
  • Pirate Coin x10,000
  • Courage +1
  • Kindness +1

Where is the Tears of the Abyss merchant on the Island of Mist?

You can find the Tears of the Abyss Merchant Keith at the northwestern end of the Island of Mist.

While Keith only carries Crew Application Forms as his offerings, the Crew Application Forms you can get from him are the best of the best of their kind, with the most notable being the Relic Blackfang Crew Application Form. Relic Blackfang unlocks the Ship Skill Tailwind and adds valuable ship stats such as increased Base Sailing Speed and resistance to Kelp Beds, Sandstorm Seas, and Siren Seas.


Getting the Island of Mist Token might seem challenging, but if you think about it, all you have to do to get the Island of Mist Token is progress through island content and complete the island’s quest chain.

Finding the hidden objects shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as these items are sitting in the open just waiting to be found. And while the quest starter items are effectively RNG drops, killing the monsters should be easy as long as you’re above Item Level 960.

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