How to Get the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark

What is the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark?

The Ladybug Mount is a ridable insect in Lost Ark that lets you travel faster on land. The Ladybug Mount has a Mount Speed of 420 and is only usable around Mokoko Village.

The Ladybug Mount is one of the few mounts that you’re bound to acquire as you go through the main storyline. You can get the Ladybug Mount as soon as you arrive in Tortoyk and complete the quest called ‘Keep Farm from Harm’.

How to get the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark?

You can get the Ladybug Mount by completing the Keep Farm from Harm quest found in Sweetwater Forest in the Tortoyk continent in Lost Ark. After you complete the quest you will be able to choose one from one of three Ladybug colors as a reward.

Look for Farm Owner Mokamoka in the southern part of the region and talk to him to start the quest. After which, head south from Mushumushu’s position and interact with the Female Ladybug to transform.

You need to use your Female Ladybug form to lure the Male Ladybugs into the pens. You will have access to an ‘Attract’ skill while in Ladybug form, so use it to lure the Male Ladybugs back into their pens. Do this for every blue quest dot on your map.

After all the Male Ladybugs are put back in their pens, go back and talk to Mokamoka to complete the Quest. You will get the following rewards for completing the quest:

  • 52,209 XP
  • 259 Roster XP
  • 484 Silver
  • A choice of one Ladybug Mount (Red, Azure, Yellow)

Is the Ladybug Mount a good Mount in Lost Ark?

The Ladybug Mount is a very good mount that allows for faster land travel around the Tortoyk continent in Lost Ark.

Unfortunately, the Ladybug Mount is only usable in Tortoyk due to the Mount’s relatively small size. You probably won’t see any Ladybug Mounts running around in Luterra Castle, for example, but everyone will be rocking their Ladybug Mounts whenever they are in the Tortoyk region.

What is the rarest mount in Lost Ark?

The rarest Mount in Lost Ark is arguably the Cerberus Mount, which was only available for a limited time as part of the Platinum Founders Pack in Lost Ark.

The Platinum Founders Pack was only bought by a select few players which means there are an equally small number of Cerberus Mounts in the game right now. Due to the Cerberus Mount’s limited numbers, the mount carries a hefty price tag and can sometimes go for as much as 250,000 Gold Coins.

Aside from being one of the rarest mounts in Lost Ark, the Cerberus Mount is also one of the most agile thanks to its nifty double-jump ability and above-average Mount Speed of 500.


Getting the Ladybug Mount isn’t too difficult since the quest that rewards the Ladybug Mount is part of the Sweetwater Forest Main Quest line. Simply go through the Main Quest line as soon as you arrive at the island and you’ll eventually get the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark.

There are multiple mounts in Lost Ark but none are as quirky or restrictive as the Ladybug Mount. The Ladybug mount is probably the only mount in-game that’s region-restricted, with usability limited to the Tortoyk region only.

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