How to Get the Lagoon Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Lagoon Island?

You can find Lagoon Island Southwest of South Vern or Northwest of Wall of Procyon. If you’re still having difficulty finding Lagoon Island, use the World Map search function and type in ‘Lagoon Island’ and the World Map will highlight the island’s exact location for you.

You can visit Lagoon Island as soon as you unlock the ability to sail the seas in Lost Ark. However, since Lagoon Island is an Adventure Island, it is only available a few times a week and only spawns at specific times.

Use Procyon’s Compass to learn the exact spawn times for Lagoon Island.

Alternatively, you can also set a timer so you can get notified when the Island is active.

How to Get the Lagoon Island Token

As mentioned above, you first need to find Lagoon Island before you can start the Island Co-op Quest. Use Procyon’s Compass to learn the exact spawn time for Lagoon Island and set sail for the island as soon as it shows up in-game.

When you arrive on Lagoon Island, work with other players to defeat the Island Boss Lar Kaya. The Lagoon Island Token is an RNG drop from Lar Kaya, which means you likely won’t get the Lagoon Island Token after defeating Lar Kaya the first time. Come back another time and defeat Lar Kaya again until you finally get your hands on the Lagoon Island Token.

Lagoon Island Rewards

Aside from the Island Token, you can also get 1 Mokoko Seed and multiple rewards for completing various Quests around Lagoon Island.

  • Lagoon Island Token
  • Wealth Rune
  • x6 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • x3 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest
  • x5,000 Pirate Coins
  • +1 Wisdom
  • +1 Courage
  • +1 Kindness

As you can see from the list above, you can get various items for completing Lagoon Island. With that said, the Epic Wealth Rune is arguably the most valuable item on the island, as it provides a 30% boost to your character’s Specialty Meter.

Like the Lagoon Island Token, you can only get the Wealth Rune as a random drop after you defeat Lar Kaya.

Are there Mokoko Seeds on Lagoon Island?

Yes, you will find one Mokoko Seed on Lagoon Island. However, you need to complete the Lagoon Island Quest Line first before you can gain access to the Lagoon Island Mokoko Seed.

Aside from the single Mokoko Seed on Lagoon Island, you can also get an Island Token and numerous other rewards for exploring the Island.


Acquiring the Lagoon Island Token is a pretty straightforward affair since you only really need to defeat the island boss to acquire it. The only caveat is the RNG involved in getting the Island Token since it is a random drop for defeating the Island Boss Lar Kaya. If you don’t get the Lagoon Island Token the first time, visit Lagoon Island a few more times until you finally get your hands on the Lagoon Island Token.

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