How to Get the Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark

What is Heavenly Harmony?

Heavenly Harmony is 1 of 16 Sheet Music you can collect in Lost Ark. Heavenly Harmony is primarily used to build Rapport with NPCs around the game.

Each Song in Lost Ark serves a specific purpose in your journey in Arkesia, so you must acquire all 16 as quickly as possible. Some of the most important ones are the Song of Return, Song of Escape, Forest’s Minuet, and Song of Resonance.

What time does Harmony Island spawn?

Harmony Island is an Adventure Island, so it only spawns during specific days and times in the game. Harmony Island spawns every Monday or Tuesday at 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM, and 11 PM. You can find the island within Elzowin’s Tears Sea on the eastern part of Rohendel.

You can easily find the spawn schedule for Harmony Island using Procyon’s Compass. You can also set an alarm for the event to get notified when Harmony Island is active.

How to Get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark?

You can get Heavenly Harmony by completing Harmony Island Quests with other players. You need to complete the following quests on the island to get chests that have a chance of dropping the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music.

  • A Pure Sound – Transport Sacred Spring Water 80 times to a flower.
  • A Fragrant Sound – Gather 300 Fragrant Pollens.
  • Harmony? Help! – Play Serenade of Love 80 times.

Make sure you have the Serenade of Love Sheet Music before you try to acquire the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music in Lost Ark. You will need the Serenade of Love to complete the Harmony? Help! quests on Harmony Island.

By completing the three co-op quests above, you will receive one of these four chests:

  • Chest of Aromatic Sound
  • Chest of Clear Sound
  • Chest of Harmonious Sound
  • Chest of Sparkling Sound

All four chests can drop the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music. Unfortunately, drop rates for Heavenly Harmony are random, so you might have to visit Harmony Island and complete the island quests a few times before you can get the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music.

What is the Song of Harmony used for in Lost Ark?

You can get the Song of Harmony by achieving a 50% completion on your Punika Adventurer’s Tome. Like Heavenly Harmony, you can use the Song of Harmony to build Rapport with various NPCs in the game.

The Song of Harmony is 1 of 16 Sheet Music you can get in Lost Ark. It is worth noting that the Song of Harmony is different from the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music mentioned above.


You might need to visit Harmony Island a few times before you can get your hands on the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music. The RNG involved in acquiring Heavenly Harmony will make it a time-consuming process. Keep an eye on Procyon’s Compass and check Harmony Island’s spawn times so you can complete the event whenever it pops up in-game.

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