How to Get the Azure Wind Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Azure Wind Island?

You can find Azure Wind Island in the bottom left corner of the World Map. Azure Wind Island is located in the Great Sea just Northeast of Yorn’s Cradle.

If you’re still having trouble finding Azure Wind Island on the map, you can use the World Map Search function to pinpoint the island’s location on the map. Bring up the World Map by pressing the M button on your keyboard, then type in ‘Azure Wind’ on the search bar to find Azure Wind Island.

How to get the Azure Wind Island Token

You can get the Azure Wind Island Token by completing the quest ‘Buried in Flowers’ on Azure Wind Island. Be warned, however, that Buried in Flowers will require a substantial number of prerequisites to complete.

To be more specific, you will need four different Songs and three Emotes to complete the challenges on the island.


  • Heavenly Harmony
  • Serenade of Love
  • Song of Valor
  • Heart’s Melody


  • Emote: Great
  • Emote: Sway
  • Emote: Laugh

Talk to Sanar to start the ‘Dying Horse’ quest, which will unlock all the prerequisite quests on Azure Wind Island. After which, complete the other quests (The Mane of the Azure Wind and Once Filled With Flowers) to progress on the island.

The last quest, The Meadow Fairy, will unlock four new quests on the island. You can interact with toy horses and do any of the four tasks to unlock all the quests under those tasks. After you complete the tasks, a final hidden quest will become available (Buried in Flowers) and unlock the Azure Wind Island Token.

Azure Wind Island Rewards

Aside from getting the Azure Wind Island Token, you can also get a ton of other loot from Azure Wind Island such as Stone Chests, stat potions, Shards, Giant’s Heart, and even a Mount.

  • Azure Wind Island token
  • Azure Wind Crystal
  • 11th Giant’s Heart
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Emote: Whistle
  • Courage Potion
  • Charisma Potion
  • Wisdom Potion
  • Kindness Potion
  • x98 Splendid Destruction Stone Chest
  • x138 Splendid Guardian Stone Chest
  • x8 Lavish Life Leapstone Chest
  • x25 Splendid Life Hard Chest (M)
  • x3 Life Shar Pouch (M)
  • x3 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch
  • Mount: Wind Wane Mustang
  • Mount: Cloud Steed

How many Mokoko Seeds are in Azure Wind Island?

Aside from the Azure Wind Island Token, 11th Giant’s Heart, Emotes, and Mounts, you can also get Mokoko Seeds from Azure Wind Island, of which there are five.

Azure Wind Island is expansive, but finding all five Mokoko Seeds should be easy. Three of the Mokoko Seeds are located close to one another in the Southern part of the map, while the other two are located in the middle part of the island.


The Azure Wind Island Token is one of the most challenging Island Tokens to acquire in Lost Ark. The sheer number of prerequisite items and quests make it time-consuming, but you will be rewarded for your efforts in the end.

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