How to Complete the Anytime Anywhere Quest in Lost Ark

What is Anytime Anywhere?

Anytime Anywhere is a Roster Quest that you will find on the island Kalthertz. You can take on this Roster Quest as soon as you hit Combat Level 50 and gain access to your ship in Lost Ark.

In Anytime Anywhere, you need to buy out prisoners to gain information about them regarding the Quest giver’s daughter.

Where to find Anytime Anywhere Quest?

You can find Anytime Anywhere on Island Kalthertz. Look for the NPC named Nison to start the Anytime Anywhere Quest.

If you’re having trouble finding Kalthertz, look for Shushire on the World Map, and just under it should be the island Kalthertz.

Alternatively, you can use the World Map Search function to find Kalthertz by typing in ‘Kalthertz’ on the search bar. Kalthertz should now be highlighted on the map and give you the exact location of the island.

How to Complete Anytime Anywhere

You need to collect information about Nison’s daughter in Anytime Anywhere by talking to various slaves around the island. Head to the eastern part of the island and talk to the slaves there to progress in this Quest.

Unfortunately, getting information from slaves will require you to buy them out and free them first, only then will the slaves give you information on Nison’s daughter. This process will require you to spend Pirate Coins to free the slaves, but you are limited to just five purchases per day.

After you buy out and free the slaves, check the Mail Carrier NPC for mail named Letters of Gratitude. If you’re lucky, you should receive information about Nison’s daughter in the form of Collected Information. If you don’t get information on any of the letters, you need to go back to Kalthertz and free some more slaves to get more Letters of Gratitude.

You need to get information on Nison’s daughter three times from any of these letters to complete Anytime Anywhere.

Anytime Anywhere Quest Rewards

You can get the following rewards for completing the Anytime Anywhere Roster Quest in Lost Ark.

  • x3 Courage
  • x370 Roster XP
  • x4 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest
  • x12,300 Silver
  • x2,100 Pirate Coin


Anytime Anywhere is a fairly simple Quest, but it requires a ton of luck to complete in Lost Ark. The RNG involved in buying out and receiving Letters of Gratitude from the slaves is the only challenge in completing this Quest.

You might need to visit Kalthertz a few times and spend some Pirate Coins to free slaves and get information from them to complete the Quest.

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