Locations of All Aiwana Island Mokoko Seeds

Where is Aiwana Island?

You can find Aiwana Island towards the Northern part of the Luterra Continent. On the World Map, look north from West Luterra to find Aiwana Island.

You can sail to Aiwana Island as soon as you unlock the ability to set sail in Lost Ark. You should have no problems entering the island since it only requires Item Level 250. Aiwana Island is available anytime and does not disappear from the map, unlike Adventure Islands.

Aiwana Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

There are 3 Mokoko Seeds on Aiwana Island. You will find one in the southern part of the island and the last two Mokoko Seeds in a secret passage in the north.

How to use Mokoko Seeds?

Collect as many Mokoko Seeds as to claim exciting rewards from the Mokoko Village Head Chief Mokamoka. Head to the Island of Tortoyk and go to Mokoko Village. Look for Mokamoka and claim Mokoko Seeds rewards from him.

Depending on the number of Mokoko Seeds you have collected you can claim the following rewards from Mokamoka:

  • Totoma Card – 50 Mokoko seeds
  • Kindness Potion – 100 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica – 150 Mokoko Seeds
  • Vitality Increase Potion – 200 Mokoko Seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Cororico – 250 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stat Increase Potion – 300 Mokoko Seeds
  • Mokamoka Card – 350 Mokoko Seeds
  • Paradise’s Knight License – 400 Mokoko Seeds
  • 15 Eurus Blueprint – 450 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko – 500 Mokoko Seeds
  • 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen – 550 Mokoko Seeds
  • 20 Eurus Blueprint – 600 Mokoko Seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Poipoi – 650 Mokoko Seeds
  • Title: Mokoko Hunter – 700 Mokoko Seeds
  • Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument – 750 Mokoko Seeds
  • Transform: Egg of Creation – 800 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruparu – 850 Mokoko Seeds
  • Background: Moki Toki – 900 Mokoko Seeds
  • Ship Mode: Blooming Caravel – 1000 Mokoko Seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Narinari – 1050 Mokoko seeds
  • Title: Nice Smelling – 1100 Mokoko Seeds
  • Masterpiece #44 – 1150 Mokoko Seeds
  • Mokoko Charm – 1200 Mokoko Seeds

Is Mokoko Seeds worth it?

Collecting Mokoko Seeds will be worth it as you can get rewards from Village Chief Mokamoka after you collect a specific number of Mokoko Seeds. Refer to the list above to find out about the rewards that await.

Mokoko Seeds aren’t too difficult to find either – you will find most Mokoko Seeds in the game out in the open. However, some are hidden behind hidden passages and locked locations, which might require you to satisfy certain conditions before you gain access to these areas.


Collecting all three Mokoko Seeds on Aiwana Island should be a piece of cake. Aiwana Island isn’t too difficult to get to, and finding all three Mokoko Seeds on the island is relatively easy if you know where to look.

Refer to the guide above to find all three Mokoko Seeds on Aiwana Island in Lost Ark.

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