How to Get the Laugh Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Laugh Emote

The Laugh Emote is 1 of 32 Emote animations you can collect in Lost Ark. Emotes are character animations that allow players to show emotions through their characters in-game. The Laugh Emote lets you show off a laugh in-game through your character.

You can access Emotes in-game by pressing the Y button on your keyboard to bring up the Emotes Menu. You will find all the Emotes you have collected throughout your gameplay in the Emotes Menu.

The Laugh Emote likely won’t be on your Emotes list right now, as you can only acquire the Laugh Emote through the Demon Merchant in Flowering Orchard.

Where to find the Laugh Emote

You can purchase the Laugh Emote from the Demon Merchant Naptha in the Flowering Orchard in East Luterra. The Laugh Emote costs 6,000 Silver.

Getting 6,000 Silver to purchase the Laugh Emote shouldn’t be too difficult in Lost Ark. What is challenging, however, is surviving the hordes of enemies residing in the same area as Naptha and buying enough time to purchase the Laugh Emote from Naptha.

There are multiple high-level monsters around Naptha’s area in the Flowering Orchard, so make sure you dive in, purchase the Laugh Emote, and then escape the area as quickly as possible.

How to use the Laugh Emote

You can find the Laugh Emote in-game by pressing the Y button on your keyboard and scrolling through your Emotes collection. Click on the Laugh Emote in the Emotes menu to use it in-game.

You can also use the Laugh Emote on the fly by typing “/laugh” in the chat box.

What button is emote in Lost Ark?

Press the Y button to access the Emotes Menu in Lost Ark. Within the Emotes Menu are all of the emotes you have unlocked and acquired in-game. To use your Emotes, simply click on the Emote you want to use from the list.

Alternatively, you can just type the emote name in the chat box by using the following keyword: “/emote”. Substitute the word emote with the Emote name to use the Emote on the fly.


You can use the Laugh Emote to show your character’s playful side in Lost Ark, as the Emote will come in useful when searching for other players to join you at a party or when you simply want to laugh off a hard day’s work slaying demons and conquering dungeons in Lost Ark.

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